Student Affairs

Personal Growth

  • Accommodating Pregnant and Lactating Students Heather Cowan, M.A. This webinar will discuss the various requirements for academic accommodations for pregnant and lactating students under Title IX with real-life scenarios and how they were resolved.
  • Supervising Former Peers in Higher Education: Challenges & Opportunities Dr. Aaron Hughey
  • A Conversation on Civility Joanne Goldwater and Deborah Scheibler This webinar will address these issues and offer some tips for dealing with incivility from others, keeping yourself in check, and responding when one inadvertently behaves badly. One can disagree without being disagreeable!
  • A Data-Driven Approach: Measuring & Demonstrating The Impact Of Student Affairs Dr. Adam Peck This Webinar will look at how to design and measure learning experiences that focus on building career competencies into a wide variety of co-curricular experiences.
  • A How-to Guide for Housing Master Planning Dr. Steven Hood and Dr. Matthew Kerch Housing departments of any size struggle with identifying which areas to prioritize while developing long-term planning documents, deferred maintenance needs, and annual upkeep of residence halls. There is an increasing need to develop long-range housing planning documents at institutions. Based upon conversations with housing authorities, research on evidence based practices, exploration of building components, and trial and error, a solid foundation of tools have been compiled that enhance the long-term planning processes. During this webinar, strategies will be shared with participants that highlight how these projects were successful, due in large part to data driven decision-making informing smart fiscal practices, strategic planning, and promoting the importance of living on campus.
  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Cocurricular Maps to Integrate Learning Inside and Outside of the Classroom Dr. Adam Peck Co-curricular mapping provides a structure for uniting learning inside and outside of the classroom. This Webinar will provide resources for participants looking to create learning outcome/learning activity maps.
  • Avoiding Common Mistakes made by New #SAPros Dr. Ijeoma Nwaogu This Webinar will provide invaluable insights for New #SAPros that will support their efforts to survive and thrive in their roles and strategies to help them to avoid common mistakes.
  • Becoming a Successful Supervisee (Managing Up) Joanne Goldwater This webinar will discuss relationship-building and communication with your supervisor, whether that person is your new supervisor or a longtime supervisor. Participants will learn tips on how to establish and/or maintain a good working relationship with the person who does their annual evaluation!
  • Being an Introverted Student Affairs Professional Dr. Marcelle Holmes The aims of this webinar are to educate audience members about the trait of introversion, dispel myths, discuss the benefits of an introverted style, and provide audience members with concrete tools.
  • Budget Basics for Student Affairs Professionals Dr. Mark Kretovics This webinar will provide participants the information necessary to understand the budget process and is geared toward anyone who is uncomfortable with reading and/or preparing budgets.
  • Busy is the Enemy of Strategic Dr. Adam Peck This webinar will provide strategies for analyzing how we spend our time and offer practical guidance for understanding how we can target our use of time toward our mission-critical outcomes.
  • Counseling Basics for Student Affairs Professionals Dr. Aaron Hughey This webinar will to give participants a greater appreciation for the complementary nature of the student affairs and counseling professions.
  • Creating and Sustaining Mentoring Relationships Dr. Jon Conlogue and Joanne Goldwater This webinar will provide information on the roles and responsibilities of mentors and mentees. Having a mentor can help you be successful. Being a mentor can be a fulfilling part of a Student Affairs professional’s job.
  • Cultivating Creativity (Thinking Skills for the Creative and Non-Creative Alike) Dr. Adam Peck This webinar will provide participants with the opportunity to learn and apply new skills in cultivating their creativity as well as helping and encouraging their students to think creatively.
  • Decisions Matter: Using the Decision-Making Framework to Improve Contemporary Student Affairs Practice - 20% Off Book for Participants Dr. Aaron Hughey This webinar will cover the Decision-Making Framework developed by Vaccaro, McCoy, Champagne, and Siegel in their seminal book and discuss their proposed strategy for dealing with the challenges emerging on the modern college campus. [20% off the book for participants]
  • How to Develop an A+ Marketing Strategy for Your Department Erin Hensley This webinar will discuss how to develop a thorough plan to reach the goal you want, how to implement that plan, and how to make sure all of your marketing efforts are happening in unison to achieve your department’s goals
  • Increasing School Spirit Dr. Charles Hueber This webinar will provide an overview of ways a school can focus on building that sense of pride among students through a variety of programs and focused initiatives.
  • Managing Organizational Conflict in the Workplace Dr. Jason Laker This webinar will focus on the challenges and opportunities associated with conflict in the workplace, whether between colleagues or supervisor/staff.
  • Managing Our Anxiety About Student Anxiety Dr. Lee Burdette Williams & Dr. Kathryn Dingman Boger This webinar will cover some basic information about anxiety disorders including their definitions, symptoms, causes, methods of response and treatment as well as help staff delineate clinical and non-clinical roles.
  • Responding Effectively (and Calmly!) to Complaints and Criticism Date Amir Baghdadchi In this webinar you will learn how handling unhappiness in our line of work is different from other kinds of service, and how our student affairs background actually holds the key to de-escalating a situation and rebuilding trust.
  • Shaping Strategies for Student Affairs Fundraising Dr. Jason L. Meriwether This webinar will discuss some innovative, yet well-tested strategies for improving the percentage of students on campus who are participating in cocurricular experiences.
  • Strengths-Based Interview Skills Anne Brackett & Alicia Wojciuch This webinar will help you to identify your strengths and use as a framework to better understand yourself and how you contribute to a team and organization, increases your self-confidence and your ability to communicate what you are and what you can bring to others, including improving the way you answer interview questions.
  • The End of Assessment in Student Affairs (and what we should be doing instead) Dr. Adam Peck In this webinar, Dr. Adam Peck shares his approach to co-curricular mapping that allows experiential educators to line up learning experiences with the outcomes they are designed to accomplish.
  • The Strengths-Based Supervisor Anne Brackett and Alicia Wojciuch Learn how your talents can help you develop your authentic leadership style and become a more effective supervisor.
  • Title IX and LGBTQI students Heather Cowan, M.A. This webinar will cover the requirements of Title IX as it relates to our LGBTQI students and how we can help our LGBTQI students feel safer and more included on our campuses.
  • Tools for Supervision I: Supervising Student Employees, Peer Educators, and Graduate Students Dr. Jason Laker This webinar will focus on supervision of students generally, as well as particular considerations for general department and office employees, peer and resident mentors and advisors, and graduate assistants. 
  • Understanding Housing Public-Private Partnerships (P3) Dr. Scott M. Helfrich This webinar will present an overview of public-private partnerships in college and university housing and will explore the nuances of operations that can occur among P3 communities at different institutions.