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How to Develop an A+ Marketing Strategy for Your Department

Duration: 1 hour
Facilitator: Erin Hensley
Price: $50.00

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This webinar will teach you how to develop a holistic marketing strategy for your department. If you feel like you’re just throwing money at free giveaway items and throwing time at social media without any success, this webinar is for you. We’ll discuss how to develop a thorough plan to reach the goal you want, how to implement that plan, and how to make sure all of your marketing efforts are happening in unison to achieve your department’s goals. We’ll also spend time on determining what efforts are worth your time, and which things to kick to the curb. After attending this webinar, you’ll be able to create an A+ marketing plan in no time.

Note: Digital marketing will be a focus in this webinar (social media, website, search results, email), but traditional marketing will also be covered. Please come prepared to the webinar with a marketing goal in mind to more easily work through the content.


  1. What is Marketing Strategy?
    1. What it is, what it entails, and why it’s important
  2. Developing A Marketing Strategy
    1. Identifying goals & measuring success
    2. Researching your target audience
    3. Funnel Framework
    4. 7 P’s of Marketing Framework
  3. Pieces of the Marketing Pie
    1. Social Media
    2. Website
    3. Email
    4. Search Engine Optimization
    5. Print
    6. Word of Mouth
  4. Things to Consider
    1. Inclusion
    2. Staff time and bandwidth
    3. Budget
  5. Time for Questions
    1. Collaboration and advice regarding issues you/your department are currently facing and how to solve them.

Learning Outcomes:

.      Participants will learn best practices related to marketing strategy.

  1. Participants will gain insight into how to develop a marketing plan for their department.
  2. Participants will learn where to spend their time, what they should prioritize, and where they should allocate budget.
  3. Participants will learn ways to be inclusive when thinking about their online presence and voice.
  4. Participants will evaluate where their department can improve on and what aspects they want to incorporate into their marketing plan.

Who Should Attend:

This webinar is designed to support a range of professionals with a range of expertise related to marketing strategy but most specifically would be useful for:

  • Departmental and institutional leaders or marketing personnel
  • University leaders interested in improving their institution’s marketing strategy
  • Anyone interested learning about marketing strategy (skills are transferrable )


Erin Hensley currently serves as the Marketing Manager for Upcart, an e-commerce and retail brand, and is the owner of Erin Hensley Consulting. Erin received her M.S.Ed. in Higher Education and Student Affairs from Indiana University and is currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration at The Ohio State University with a specialization in marketing. Erin served as the Social Media Coordinator for the 2017 ACPA National Convention and has presented at numerous state and national conferences on social media best practices and how to use personal social media accounts to market yourself to employers. She nerds out about marketing and hopes she can help make digital marketing a little easier for you!

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