Student Affairs


What Can I Expect?

The webinars are presented using the audio conferencing technologies managed by ConferTel. Live webinars are conducted in real-time and usually last about one hour. They enable the designated session facilitator to present course material and interact with attendees.

After registration and payment for the webinar, attendees will receive a confirmation email with details and login links to begin their session. When the presentation begins, a moderator will introduce the facilitator who will then proceed with the presentation.

The webinars use PowerPoint as a presentation tool. During the session, polling questions may be asked of the attendees. Questions may also be posed to the facilitator. The queue of requests will then be handled by the moderator in conjunction with the course facilitator during the question and answer phase at the end of the formal presentation.

What Are The System Requirements?

The audiocast streaming technology will work with both MAC OS and Windows systems using browsers that support the latest version of Flash. These include Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. You must have Flash enabled in order to view access the webinars. Participants are encouraged to perform a System Compatibility Check in advance of the event. Go to

Webinars are not mobile compatible.

How Long Are the Webinars?

Webinars usually last approximately 6o minutes.

Are Handouts Available

There will be a link on your registration confirmation page to the handouts.   However, handouts may not be available until 24 hours prior to the webinar.

How Can I Pay?

You can pay by Credit Card or Purchase Order.

  1. Credit Card: The necessary information is entered at the bottom of the registration page.
  2. Purchase Order: Individuals that wish to pay by purchase order should complete the registration form and check the “register by purchase order” box.

You will be tentatively registered for the course, but will need to contact Sharon Nivison in our Business Office at 860-502-9412 to give her the purchase order number. Once the purchase order number is received you will be registered for the Webinar. Purchase orders need to be received no later than 24 hours before the start of any Webinar.

When Do I Receive Login Instructions?

You will receive an email confirmation, instructions for logging in as well as a PIN to access the webinar 15 minutes after you register. This PIN will not be active until the time of the webinar.   A reminder email of the upcoming webinar is sent 24 hours before the presentation is set to broadcast.  

How Do I Access the Audio Portion of the Presentation?

You will be given the option of having the audio come through your telephone or computer speakers.  Using the telephone produces the best audio results.

Can Multiple People Listen in on a Presentation?

Each registration equals one connection. This connection can be viewed by an individual at one computer or can be brought into a larger room to be viewed by many. 

Can I Ask Questions During the Webinar?

Participants can send messages to the Webinar facilitator during the Webinar. Depending on how the person facilitates the Webinar they may be addressed during the program or after. There is always time set aside at the end of the Webinar for questions.

What Are the Deadlines to Register?

You can register for a webinar up to the day it is to be broadcast. Please note that if you are paying by purchase order, the purchase order must be received at least one business day before the start of the webinar.

What happens if I miss the time or date?

If you miss your live webinar, you will receive an email with a new PIN for a one-time viewing of the recorded presentation. You can login for the one-time viewing at the date and time that is convenient to you.  The replay link is good for six months.  

Can I Register for a Webinar After Its Live Broadcast?

Yes. All our live webinars are recorded and can be purchased as a replay.  A replay is a one-time connection to the recorded presentation. It can be viewed at a date and time of your choosing.  Replays are available for purchase approximately one day after the live webinar broadcast. 

Are Credits or Certificates Issued Upon Completion?

Yes, certificates of completion are offered for our webinars.  To qualify:                                                    

  1. Registered individuals must attend (logon) to the live Webinar broadcast or replay.
  2. Complete the post-Webinar survey.

Certificates will be electronically sent within 24 hours of the survey completion.  Please note:  Only one certificate is available per registration even if multiple individuals view the Webinar.

CEU's are not offered.

Can Webinars Be Downloaded or Replayed?

No. A webinar presentation is a one-time streaming connection. A replay can be paused if you need to take a break.  However, it can not be restarted once you close out your browser. Webinars and Replays are not downloadable for replaying locally on your computer. If you encounter problems with your internet connection that requires special consideration, please contact our support staff and we will be happy to assist you. 

Are there discounts when repurchasing a webinar?

If you purchased a webinar and would like to repurchase the same webinar within three months of the original order date please email or call 860-502-9412.