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What is a Webinar?

A Webinar is a live presentation conducted over the Web in real-time. Participants usually view the Webinar at their own computer, but a Webinar connection can be transmitted to a larger room with an Internet connection. Participants can also ask questions via the chat function and a question and answer period follows each presentation.

How does a Webinar work?

On the day and  time of the Webinar, participants logon to a specified site. A moderator introduces the facilitator(s) and proceeds with the presentation. The Webinars use PowerPoint to convey information. During the Webinar polling questions may be asked, questions can be posed to the facilitators, and the Webinar ends with a question and answer period.

What are the system requirements in accessing a webinar?

Supported Web Browsers:

  • Microsoft IE 8.0 & up
  • Google Chrome 4.0 & up
  • Firefox 1.5 & up
  • Safari 1.x & up

Operating System:

  • Microsoft Windows XP & up
  • MAC OS X 10.4 and up (desktop sharing not supported for presenters)
  • Android if browser supports flash 10.1 & Up or install the omNovia Web Conference Mobile app from the Android Market
  • IOS (iPad and iPhone 4 & Up.)

Please note that all mobile apps for the web conference are for attendees only. Presenters should use a laptop or desktop computer. If you choose to run the web conference with an unsupported operating system, it may work but our support team will be unable to solve any issues you may experience.

Plugins (not required on mobile devices):

  • Adobe Flash Player 10.3 or later – Only released Flash Player versions are supported. Do not use alpha or beta versions. Get the latest version of Flash Player HERE.

A Note About Audio Lags:

In general, audio lag is most of the time below 0.5 seconds. The Web Conference system has an intelligent module that detects lags and corrects it automatically if it is widening. What can cause lag?

  • Wireless (Wi-Fi or others) can cause audio lags since they have many fluctuations and do not always offer consistent connection.
  • If audio is used with live video (web cam), depending on participants’ bandwidth it can worsen audio lag.
  • If the speaker’s computer has too many applications running (has a very high CPU), it may delay transmission of audio hence causing lag.

Participants are encouraged to perform the following system compatibility check in advance. 

How long is the Webinar?

Webinars are 6o minutes long.

Are there handouts as part of the Webinar?

There will be a link on your registration confirmation page to the handouts.   However, handouts may not be available until 24hours prior to the webinar.

How can I find out more information about each Webinar?

We have full descriptions of each Webinar that include learning outcomes and a facilitator biography. See our main Webinars page for a listing of all webinars.

How do I register for a Webinar?

Registration is easy. A registration link is displayed on each individual course page. 

How can I pay for the Webinar?

You can pay by Credit Card or Purchase Order.

  1. Credit Card: The necessary information is entered at the bottom of the registration page.
  2. Purchase Order: Individuals that wish to pay by purchase order should complete the registration form and check the “register by purchase order” box.

You will be tentatively registered for the course, but will need to contact Sharon Nivison in our Business Office at 860-502-9412 to give her the purchase order number. Once the purchase order number is received you will be registered for the Webinar. Purchase orders need to be received no later than 24 hours before the start of any Webinar.

Do I receive a logon to access the Webinar?

You will receive an email confirmation, instructions for logging in and PIN to access the webinar 15 minutes after you register for a Webinar. This PIN will not be active until the time of the webinar.   A reminder email of the webinar is sent 24 hours before the Webinar is set to broadcast.  

How do I access the audio portion of the Webinar?

You will be given the option of having the audio come through your telephone or computer speakers.  Using the telephone produces the best audio results.

How many people can watch per registration?

Each registration equals one connection. This connection can be viewed by an individual at one computer or can be brought into a larger room to be viewed by many. 

Can questions be asked during the Webinar?

Participants can send messages to the Webinar facilitator during the Webinar. Depending on how the person facilitates the Webinar they may be addressed during the program or after. There is always time set aside at the end of the Webinar for questions.

When is the deadline to register for a Webinar?

You can register for a Webinar up to the day it is to be broadcast. Please note that if you are paying by purchase order, the purchase order must be received at least one business day before the start of the Webinar.

What happens if I register for a Webinar, but cannot logon at the appointed time?

If you miss your Webinar you will receive an email with a new PIN for a one-time viewing of the recorded Webinar. You can log on for the one-time viewing at the date and time that is convenient to you.  The replay link is good for six months.  

I just learned, after the fact, about a Webinar I wanted to attend. Is there an option for me to register for a recorded version of the Webinar?

Yes. All our Webinars have a replay option so you can register for a taped presentation to view at your convenience. Replays are usually made available a few days after the live version. They are listed in the second section of our main webinars page. Individual webinar pages also include a link to registration.

Upon completion, do I receive a certificate of participation?

We do not issue CEUs or certificates of participation for our Webinars. 

How Many Times Can I View a Webinar Replay?

When you register for a Webinar Replay you are paying for a single viewing of the Webinar, not multiple or unlimited viewings.