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Counseling Basics for Student Affairs Professionals Dr. Aaron Hughey This webinar will to give participants a greater appreciation for the complementary nature of the student affairs and counseling professions. 10 Concrete Ways to Infuse Career Development into Co-Curricular Programs Dr. Adam Peck This webinar will present a variety of models for applying what has been learned through this project - with real examples from campuses around the country for infusing career development into cocurricular experiences. Supervising Former Peers in Student Affairs: Challenges and Opportunities Dr. Aaron W. Hughey This webinar will provide participants with the tools needed to successfully negotiate this unique and challenging - but not that uncommon - situation in higher education. Another Survey?!? Alternative Assessment Data Collection Methods Angela Yancik Baldasare, Jen Meyers Pickard, and Linda Scheu This webinar will dispel the myth that to conduct a credible assessment, you must have students complete a lengthy survey by familiarizing you with a number of alternatives to surveys. Title IX and LGBTQI students Heather Cowan, M.A. This webinar will cover the requirements of Title IX as it relates to our LGBTQI students and how we can help our LGBTQI students feel safer and more included on our campuses. Taking Your Program Board to a New Level Dr. Charles Hueber This webinar will explore ways some programs boards are restructuring and finding success by taking into consideration today's students who process information faster, are better multitaskers, are more entrepreneurial and have higher expectations than millennials.