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In response to the needs of professionals during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, has restructured and reduced its Webinar pricing.  All upcoming webinars now include 60 days of unlimited replays.  This enables you to share the replay with your staff even if working remotely for up to sixty days. The cost is $150. 

We are also slashing our archived webinar's price from $108 to only $50.  When purchasing an archived webinar it will include 2 weeks of unlimited views so can it be shared with staff. 

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Generation Z Students: Challenges, Opportunities and Best Practices Dr. Aaron Hughey This webinar will explore the characteristics of Generation Z students from a variety of different student populations, discuss the challenges and opportunities inherent to each subgroup as well as how to overcome them, and provide evidence-based best practices for retaining these students to graduation. Accommodating Pregnant and Lactating Students Heather Cowan, M.A. This webinar will discuss the various requirements for academic accommodations for pregnant and lactating students under Title IX with real-life scenarios and how they were resolved. Students on the Autism Spectrum and Residence Life Dr. Jane Thierfeld Brown This webinar will discuss Autism, and also provide strategies to assist students on the spectrum living in residence halls. Starting a Cocurricular Mapping Program as a Summer Project Dr. Adam Peck This webinar will provide step-by-step instructions for conducting co-curricular mapping. This process can help clarify how students experience our educational offerings and ensure more deep and robust learning over time. Best Practices for Managing Departmental Social Media Accounts Erin Hensley This webinar examines best practices for effective social media management while also providing you with tangible skills that you can bring back to your institution and implement immediately. The Strengths-Based Supervisor Anne Brackett and Alicia Wojciuch Learn how your talents can help you develop your authentic leadership style and become a more effective supervisor.