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In response to the needs of professionals during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, has restructured and reduced its Webinar pricing.  All upcoming webinars now include 60 days of unlimited replays.  This enables you to share the replay with your staff even if working remotely for up to sixty days. The cost is $150. 

We are also slashing our archived webinar's price from $108 to only $50.  When purchasing an archived webinar it will include 2 weeks of unlimited views so can it be shared with staff. 

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Cultivating Creativity (Thinking Skills for the Creative and Non-Creative Alike) Dr. Adam Peck This webinar will provide participants with the opportunity to learn and apply new skills in cultivating their creativity as well as helping and encouraging their students to think creatively. Creating and Facilitating a Judicial Process that Works Dr. Charles Hueber This webinar will look at current trends in judicial affairs and examine ways to create a process and incorporate language in a student code of conduct to meet these needs. Strengths-Based Interview Skills Anne Brackett & Alicia Wojciuch This webinar will help you to identify your strengths and use as a framework to better understand yourself and how you contribute to a team and organization, increases your self-confidence and your ability to communicate what you are and what you can bring to others, including improving the way you answer interview questions. Critical Partnerships: How Higher Education Can Partner with Business and Industry to Solve Our Shared Problems Dr. Adam Peck This webinar will discuss a new leadership model called the Cocurricular Career Connections Leadership Mode (C3) which describes how leadership educators can design experiences which help students acquire and refine leadership skills, and which can help groups resourcefully meet their shared goals. It also provides a linkage between leadership development in college and professional develop throughout one’s career. Student Affairs Moves Online: High Tech Meets High Touch Dr. Aaron Hughey How to move student services online without sacrificing the quality we all associate with face-to-face delivery. Best Practices for Managing Departmental Social Media Accounts Erin Hensley This webinar examines best practices for effective social media management while also providing you with tangible skills that you can bring back to your institution and implement immediately.