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Building a Successful Leadership Course: For Credit or Not For Credit Dr. Charles Hueber This webinar will provide strategies for building a leadership course that can implemented as a part of a mentor training program or student leadership program. Using Residence Life Staff to Assess Engagement and Aid in Student Retention Curt Naser and Karen Donoghue This webinar will explain the assessment rubric, highlight the results and explore opportunities for growth at your institution. Collegiate Homeless, the Hidden Population Quint Geis This webinar will review current literature, share some of the challenges of this student population, address the invisible nature of homelessness, and speak to what considerations are important for positive change. Project CEO: Building Career Competencies Into Student Leadership Programs Dr. Adam Peck This webinar will provide evidence of student learning outside of the classroom and help participants learn to tell their own student learning story to others. Jumping Ship: Making the Leap Outside Student Affairs Debbie Scheibler This webinar will look at the opportunities available as well as the pros and cons of leaving a traditional career working for a college or university to join up with private entities that still support the work of student affairs professionals. Shaping Strategies for Student Affairs Fundraising Dr. Jason L. Meriwether This webinar will discuss some innovative, yet well-tested strategies for improving the percentage of students on campus who are participating in cocurricular experiences.