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A Path to Partnership: Using the Cocurricular Career Connections (C3) Leadership Model to Prepare Students for Success in their Careers Wednesday, 9/26/2018, 1 pm EST Dr. Adam Peck This webinar will focus on how, using the Cocurricular Career Connections leadership model, leadership programs can be adapted to focus on developing competencies that can benefit students at every stage of college and careers, not just when they have assumed a formal leadership position. Unpacking Sexual Consent: Engaging Legal, Policy and Identity Complications Tuesday, 10/02/2018, 2 pm EST Dr. Jason Laker This webinar will cover the research and implications for untangling the issues and supporting students' development and agency in regards to laws, policies and programs that do not match lived experiences when it comes to consent. Leading with Less: Free Digital Resources Wednesday, 10/10/2018, 1 pm EST Dr. Dave Eng This webinar will present basic information on several different free technologies to help you in your role as an administrator working with tight budgets and finite resources. This is Your College Student on Marijuana Thursday, 10/11/2018, 1 pm EST Dr. Ken Winters The webinar is designed to provide an overview of several issues that college health officials may be faced regarding marijuana use by students. Launching eSports on Your Campus Monday, 10/15/2018, 1 pm EST Dr. Charles Hueber This session will explore the world of eGaming on the college campus and will discuss ways to build and/or incorporate eGaming into your department’s strategic plan. A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Cocurricular Maps to Integrate Learning Inside and Outside of the Classroom Wednesday, 10/17/2018, 1 pm EST Dr. Adam Peck Co-curricular mapping provides a structure for uniting learning inside and outside of the classroom. This Webinar will provide resources for participants looking to create learning outcome/learning activity maps.

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Creative Ways to Get People to Your Events – The Barnum Methodology Dr. Charles Hueber This webinar will examine and explore the creative ways American showman PT Barnum attracted people to his events, and how these concepts can be applied to our own advertising on campus. Universal Design: Making Your Program Accessible to All Students Dr. Rebecca Cory This webinar will discuss universal design as is pertains to students with disabilities as well as students of color, first generation students, international students and other non-traditional students. Introduction to Using Developmental Theory in Student Affairs Practice Dr. Tracy Davis This webinar will offer an overview of theories commonly used in professional preparation programs, with a particular focus on navigating practice. This session is also updated to include some of the pitfalls related to using theory in practice. Student Care Teams: Concepts and Considerations Dr. Matthew Shupp This webinar will provide a brief overview of student care teams as well as action steps participants' can use on their home institutions to assess and establish care teams of their own. Promoting Career Readiness Through Co-Curricular Programs Dr. Adam Peck This webinar will look at the established connection between participation in co-curricular experiences and the development of career skills while using Project CEO (cocurricular experience outcomes) as a core example. Students with Autism/Aspergers: Information for Student Affairs Professionals Dr. Jane Thierfeld Brown This webinar will address student affairs departments and how to best work with students on the spectrum including issues for individual departments and how to deal with parents. Closed captioning is provided.