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Student Affairs Podcast

Student Affairs One Thing is a bi-weekly podcast. Host Stuart Brown chats with seasoned student affairs professionals about what is the One Thing they have learned that has helped shape their professional career. In Episode #18, our guest is Dr. Kristie Orr, Director of Disability Resources at Texas A&M University.

Episode #18. Dr. Kristie Orr Episode #17. Dr. Laura De Veau Episode #16. Dr. Shawna Patterson-Stephens Episode #15. Dr. Kenn Elmore Episode #14. Dr. Chris Moody Episode #13 - Dr. Slandie Dieujuste  
Episode #12 - Dr. Adam Peck Episode 11 - Dr. Susan Dunton Episode 10. Dr. Aaron Hughey Episode 09. Dr. Willie Banks Episode 08. Dr. Kirk Manning Episode 07. Dr. Josie Ahlquist
Episode #06 - Dr. Carl Stiles Episode #05 - Dr. Shannon Ellis Episode #04 - Dr.Leon McClinton Episode #03 - Dr. Nancy Crimmin Episode #02 - Dr. Larry Roper Episode #01 - Dr. Kevin Kruger


Fun & Games

Mini Crossword PuzzlesTake a few moments and enjoy a little diversion. Our Mini Crossword Puzzles are a new weekly word game challenge. The Escape Room is a virtual experience full of puzzles to solve, codes to crack, and clues to discover.  The storyline is based on the Charles Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol, and incorporates a number of-the-moment higher education issues.

2022 Virtual Case Study Competition (VCS)

Elon University - 2022 VCS WINNERThe results are in and the team from Elon University has won top prize in the 21st Annual Virtual Case Study competition. The team from the University of Tennessee placed second and the group from Appalachian State University earned third place. This annual contest challenges teams of student affairs/counseling graduate programs to create a response to an of-the-moment case study scenario.  This year teams were tasked with creating the elements of two Virtual Escape Rooms.