Student Affairs

Campus Behavior & Safety

  • #BeThe1To START the Conversation: Campus Suicide Prevention Michelle Bangen and Charlette Lumby This two-part training offers an introduction to skills that help recognize the signs of suicide and referral to appropriate supports, a chance to explore nuanced scenarios that student affairs professional may regularly encounter, and recommendations for creating a network of safety and integrated approach to suicide prevention.
  • A How-to Guide for Housing Master Planning Dr. Steven Hood and Dr. Matthew Kerch Housing departments of any size struggle with identifying which areas to prioritize while developing long-term planning documents, deferred maintenance needs, and annual upkeep of residence halls. There is an increasing need to develop long-range housing planning documents at institutions. Based upon conversations with housing authorities, research on evidence based practices, exploration of building components, and trial and error, a solid foundation of tools have been compiled that enhance the long-term planning processes. During this webinar, strategies will be shared with participants that highlight how these projects were successful, due in large part to data driven decision-making informing smart fiscal practices, strategic planning, and promoting the importance of living on campus.
  • Beyond Safe Zone: A New Model for LGBTQIA+ Allyship Training Scott Burden and Chelsea Gilbert
  • Booze, Brawls and Bad Behavior Jenn Longa & Daniel Graney This webinar will explore the connection among high risk drinking behaviors, campus and interpersonal violence, and the importance of early behavioral intervention.
  • Building a Food Pantry for your students Dr. Maureen McGuinness
  • Bystander Intervention for Hate/Bias Incidents Heather Cowan, M.A. This webinar will cover research around bystanders' action and inaction and the methods shown to assist bystanders to intervene safely when they see something. We will also cover microaggressions and steps that can be taken to address them.
  • Campus Suicide Prevention: Building a Network of Safety Michelle Bangen and Charlette Lumby
  • Creating balance between free speech and safe spaces on campus Dr. Michael Preston This Webinar will look at creating safe spaces for students and those who feel that college is a giant canvas for open and free expression no matter how students may take offense.
  • Esports Crash Course for Administrators Dr. Charles Hueber
  • Families as Partners: Creating Connections? Dr. Rebecca Kitchell and Greg Overend This interactive Webinar will explore the dynamic initiatives and programs developed through collaborative efforts between units in student affairs to work with students’ families.
  • Keeping At-Risk Students Enrolled: The Role of Student Affairs Professionals Dr. Aaron Hughey In this interactive webinar, we will explore the characteristics of at-risk students from a variety of different student populations, discuss the challenges they face, and provide evidence-based best practices for retaining these students to graduation.
  • Managing Our Anxiety About Student Anxiety Dr. Lee Burdette Williams & Dr. Kathryn Dingman Boger This webinar will cover some basic information about anxiety disorders including their definitions, symptoms, causes, methods of response and treatment as well as help staff delineate clinical and non-clinical roles.
  • Returning to Campus Residence Halls in the Age of COVID Dr. Steven Hood & Dr. Matthew Kerch This webinar will focus on areas of safely reopening on-campus housing for Fall 2020.
  • Student Care Teams: Concepts and Considerations Dr. Matthew Shupp This webinar will provide a brief overview of student care teams as well as action steps participants' can use on their home institutions to assess and establish care teams of their own.
  • This is Your College Student on Marijuana Dr. Ken Winters The webinar is designed to provide an overview of several issues that college health officials may be faced regarding marijuana use by students.
  • TOGA: Training on Greeks and Alcohol Toben F. Nelson, ScD Excessive alcohol use in the Greek system is a challenging and often frustrating concern for University administrators and students alike. Training on Greeks and Alcohol (TOGA) is an innovative risk management program for Greek leaders. This Webinar will describe the program approach and present findings from formative research on program implementation at Universities in four states.
  • Trauma Informed Leadership in Student Affairs Dr. Jason Lynch
  • When Free Speech Arrives to Campus. A Practical Approach to Managing a Campus Protest Dr. Michael Preston & David Oglethorpe This webinar will arm student affairs professionals with a guide to training and supporting staff who enforce speech policies on campus and also provides an outline for training every campus can engage in to ensure free speech is supported at all levels.