Student Affairs

Assessments & Marketing

  • Assessing Social Events: Student Programming by the Numbers Dr. Charles Hueber This Webinar will examine how we measure success in terms of student activities (social programming) and look at methods to help programmers set goals and standards in terms of programming that aligns with their school
  • A How-to Guide for Housing Master Planning Dr. Steven Hood and Dr. Matthew Kerch Housing departments of any size struggle with identifying which areas to prioritize while developing long-term planning documents, deferred maintenance needs, and annual upkeep of residence halls. There is an increasing need to develop long-range housing planning documents at institutions. Based upon conversations with housing authorities, research on evidence based practices, exploration of building components, and trial and error, a solid foundation of tools have been compiled that enhance the long-term planning processes. During this webinar, strategies will be shared with participants that highlight how these projects were successful, due in large part to data driven decision-making informing smart fiscal practices, strategic planning, and promoting the importance of living on campus.
  • Appreciative Advising in the Age of Covid 19: The Key to Retention-to-Graduation Dr. Aaron Hughey
  • Best Practices for Managing Departmental Social Media Accounts Erin Hensley This webinar examines best practices for effective social media management while also providing you with tangible skills that you can bring back to your institution and implement immediately.
  • Creating a Division-wide Assessment Plan Dr. Marjorie Dorimé-Williams This webinar focuses on process that look at student learning outcomes and administrative, or support outcomes, within student affairs. It will offer practical information and tools to create measurable goals and outcomes, develop comprehensive assessment practices, and align units with institutional priorities.
  • Exploring Assessment Myths for Purpose and Application Dr. Joseph D. Levy
  • How to Develop an A+ Marketing Strategy for Your Department Erin Hensley This webinar will discuss how to develop a thorough plan to reach the goal you want, how to implement that plan, and how to make sure all of your marketing efforts are happening in unison to achieve your department’s goals
  • Increasing Motivation for Assessment Engagement Dr. Joseph D. Levy
  • Student Affairs Moves Online: High Tech Meets High Touch Dr. Aaron Hughey How to move student services online without sacrificing the quality we all associate with face-to-face delivery.