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  • Creating and Sustaining Mentoring Relationships Thursday, 11/01/2018, 1 pm EST Dr. Jon Conlogue and Joanne Goldwater This webinar will provide information on the roles and responsibilities of mentors and mentees. Having a mentor can help you be successful. Being a mentor can be a fulfilling part of a Student Affairs professional’s job.
  • Digital Advertising 101: How to Get More Bang For Your Buck Tuesday, 11/06/2018, 1 pm EST Erin Hensley This webinar will cover the foundations of digital advertising and walk you through how to best serve digital advertising to your target audience.
  • Understanding Housing Public-Private Partnerships (P3) Tuesday, 11/13/2018, 1 pm EST Dr. Scott M. Helfrich This webinar will present an overview of public-private partnerships in college and university housing and will explore the nuances of operations that can occur among P3 communities at different institutions. 
  • A Data-Driven Approach: Measuring & Demonstrating The Impact Of Student Wednesday, 11/14/2018, 1 pm EST Dr. Adam Peck This Webinar will look at how to design and measure learning experiences that focus on building career competencies into a wide variety of co-curricular experiences.