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New Professional - Season 1

Student Affairs One Thing - New Professional features discussions with those who have 1-3 years of experience in the field. Host Stuart Brown asks them "what is one thing you've learned that has helped you move forward in your career?" This is a companion to our original series for seasoned professionals - Student Affairs One Thing. We concluded our lone season with a total of 15 episodes.

Episode 15. Dr. Samantha Friar Episode 14. Amelia Kolb Episode 13. Jenna Shanley
Episode 12. Kyle Duplantis Episode 11. Zain Olson Episode 10. Whitney Sullivan
Episode 09. Liz Carrel Episode 08. Howard Thrasher Episode 07. Amanda Anastasia Paniagua - Bowling Green State University
Episode 06. Sam Yang, a former Area Coordinator at the University of Vermont and now a doctoral student in Educational Leadership at the University of Southern California. Episode 05. Spe'shall Coleman, a Community Director at Georgetown University. Episode  04. Clark Futch, Assistant Director for Student Services at Saint Leo University
Episode 3. Jahmil Effend, Assistant Director for Student Engagement at Quinnipiac University Episode 02. Tony Williams, Area Coordinator for Baldwin Wallace University Episode 1. Erika-Danielle Lindström, Gender and Sexuality Coordinator at Utah State University

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