Student Affairs

Creating a Division-wide Assessment Plan

Duration: 1 hour
Facilitator: Dr. Marjorie Dorimé-Williams
Price: $50.00

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Calls for accountability mean more pressure to demonstrate and report on student learning and administrative effectiveness. Student affairs divisions must develop comprehensive, aligned, and organized assessment processes to promote sustainable practices that demonstrate continuous improvement.  This webinar focuses on process that look at student learning outcomes and administrative, or support outcomes, within student affairs. It will offer practical information and tools to create measurable goals and outcomes, develop comprehensive assessment practices, and align units with institutional priorities. Through divisional leadership and collaborative efforts between units, institutions can build a solid foundation for assessment across various units in a relatively short period of time. The goal of this webinar will be to present participants with the steps to develop and implement a sustainable assessment framework within student affairs.

Assessment practices in student affairs is an essential component of any institution’s assessment plan. With the expansion of assessment activities comes an equal growth of concerns about how to development, implement, and maintain systematic assessment. While assessment of student learning has been the focus of higher education, and accreditors, for a long time, there are expectations that faculty and staff will be assessing not only student learning, but the environment that supports student learning. This means understanding and improving the performance of administrative and student support units. In fact, nationally recognized regional accrediting bodies have made it explicitly clear that assessment of student outcomes includes assessment of student learning and assessment of services that support the student learning experience.


The presenter will briefly present an assessment and planning framework and the Shults Dorimé-Williams taxonomy to provide context for the session. Participants will be encouraged to consider their own institutional context throughout the webinar. The presenter will then discuss the development, alignment, and implementation of new or revised missions, goals, and outcomes for the division and its units. The next part of the webinar will focus on assessing activities within a unit to examine unit functions as well as student learning outcomes. This portion of the session will highlight various forms of assessment, focus on using single methods to collect data for multiple purposes, and using results to inform changes.

  • Implementation of an assessment and planning framework
  • Overview of Shults Dorimé-Williams (SDW) Taxonomy
  • Creating appropriate missions and measurable goals and outcomes  
  • Choosing assessments that align with activities
  • Selecting effective assessment methods and collecting data for multiple purposes
  • Examples of how assessment results have been used to make changes
  • Question & Answer

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop appropriate mission, goals, and outcomes for a division and respective units
  • Create division-wide and unit program maps to highlight the relationship between unit activities, outcomes, goals, mission and institutional priorities
  • Devise a long-term plan for the assessment of outcomes
  • Evaluate how existing information and practices can produce results suitable for assessment
  • Describe practical ways assessment information can be used to for data-informed decision making

Who Should Attend:

Anyone responsible for or involved with the creation, execution, and management of assessment processes within student affairs; this webinar is appropriate for individuals with any level of assessment knowledge.


Dr. Marjorie Dorimé-Williams is an Assistant Professor at the University of Missouri in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis. Her work focuses on assessment and evaluation as tools to foster student success, especially for historically marginalized students. She has worked in various institutional settings supporting assessment, evaluation, and accreditation processes. Dr. Dorimé-Williams works with educators on assessing college outreach and academic support programs, department-, program-, and college-wide student learning outcomes, and academic, co-curricular, and administrative areas. She has been a speaker and consultant on assessment and student success at several national and regional conferences and a variety of colleges and universities.  

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