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Job Postings

What is the pricing structure to post job listings on

Option One: 1 year of unlimited posts
An unlimited Membership is based on the total number of students attending the institution. The rate is a flat fee--not a per position charge--and allows schools to post an unlimited number of positions for one year:

  • $225 for under 3,000 total students
  • $275 for 3,001-6,000 total students
  • $300 for 6,001-10,000 total students
  • $375 for 10,001+ total students

Option Two: A single ad post
This entitles you to post one single ad that will run for seven weeks at the rate of $200.

How does an institution sign up to begin posting jobs?

An institution only needs to complete the registration form. Once approved (usually same business day) an e-mail will be sent to the contact person with notification that they can log on and post their job(s).

Does need to receive payment before an institution is permitted to post job openings?

Depends, if paying via credit card the payment is required prior to posting a position.  If paying by purchase order an institution can still post immediately without having a check in hand.  Institutions paying via purchase order will receive an invoice within 24hrs of the registration being received.  It will be emailed to the contact person on the registration form. 

Once a school has signed up, how do job listings get posted?

The institution is responsible for posting their position(s).  When you create your account you will set up a username and password, then once you are approved your account will be activated and you can login. Right on your institution dashboard there is a button for post a job for you to get started. Job postings are live as soon as the ‘submit’ button is clicked. If you run into difficulties posting your ad please email for assistance.

How long does an unlimited membership last?

Institutional memberships to the Position Listing site are for one year, beginning the day the institution signs up. During this time schools can post an unlimited number of student affairs job openings. Each individual job will be active for 7 weeks, however if you have the unlimited account you can login and reactivate the job if needed. 

How long are jobs listed on the Position listing site?

Jobs will stay listed for seven weeks.  An institution can always deactivate their position earlier if they’d like.  Also note, unlimited job posting membership expires before the seven weeks of a job posting then the ad will also expire when the membership expires.

Can I track how many people have viewed my job posting?

Yes! When you login to your account you will see all your jobs, there is a counter you can easily see how many candidates viewed your post. 

How can I make a correction--either an addition or deletion--to a job posting after it has been listed?

You can login to your account at any time and edit, remove, hide and reactivate your job postings.

Can I remove a listing early?

Yes. On the School's administrative screen the job listing status can be changed to inactive at any time.

Can I repost an old job listing?

Yes. All your old jobs will stay listed on your dashboard. At any time you can login, update and reactivate them, fee may apply.

How do I search resumes in the Resume Center?

This feature is included with all memberships. You need to login to your account and the search resumes option is on your dashboard.