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Student Resumes

How long does my resume stay active?

Once you have created an account and added your resume it will stay active for 6 months.You will be sent email reminders when it is about to be deactivated.

How often can I update my resume?

You can login at anytime to update your resume or to hide it from view. Each time you update it, the 6 month period begins again.

Who can see my resume?

All institutions who have accounts on our site and are posting jobs have the ability to search for candidates and view your resume. They can see your contact information along with all information you add and any files you upload. 

Can I just upload my PDF resume?

Yes you can, however it is recommended that you also fill out all fields, otherwise institutions will not be able to use the search tools to find you. 

Can I deactivate my resume at any time?

Yes, you can login at any time and hide your resume so institutions can no longer search for you. You can also login and make it active again at any time. 

Is there any cost associated with adding my resume?

No, this service is free to all candidates who wish to post their resume online.