Student Affairs

Booze, Brawls and Bad Behavior

Duration: 1 hour
Facilitator: Jenn Longa & Daniel Graney
Price: $50.00

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Students of concern have become an increasing problem for staff and administrators on college campuses. Often we may be missing important early signs of trouble. With over 21 million college students throughout the US today, the majority of whom are not of legal drinking age, alcohol, violence, relationship issues and a lack of coping skills can often begin a spiral into serious trouble. This program will examine the relationship between high risk drinking and violence on college campuses. We will discuss the scope of the problem, including how interpersonal violence and sexual assault are often part of the mix. We will look at the neurological effects of alcohol on the brain and alcohol as a catalyst for violence, as well as social and cultural expectations for both drinking and sexual assault. We will include case studies in our analysis of these issues and in our explanation of why Behavioral Intervention Teams should be considering substance abuse as a primary consideration in evaluating disturbing student behavior.


  • Attendees will be able to discuss the importance of early identification and intervention with students who engage in high risk drinking behaviors
  • Attendees will learn about the current trends of violence on college campuses and be able to identify some of the causal factors
  • Attendees will be able to identify links for their behavioral intervention teams


  • violence prevention and advocacy professionals
  • substance abuse prevention specialists
  • health educators
  • student conduct professionals
  • behavioral interventionists
  • campus police


Jenn Longa is the Assistant Dean of Students for Victim Support Services and Bystander Initiatives at the University of Connecticut. Prior to UConn, Jenn was the Director for Civility Education at the University of Rhode Island, focusing on hazing, harassment, disruptive students and bullying issues, and spent 11 years as the Director of Violence Prevention and Advocacy Services at URI. Jenn is a certified law enforcement trainer and as the co - managing partners of Safe & Civil Campus, she and Dan present to students, faculty, staff, law enforcement, and professional groups. They also provide training programs to student athletes and the National Football League with a focus on violence prevention, bystander responsibility, and issues of consent.

Dr. Daniel Graney is the current interim Dean of Students at the University of Rhode Island. With a doctorate in Higher Education Leadership and a Master's degree in Forensic Psychology, he is a leading authority on drug and alcohol abuse on college campuses. Previous to working at URI, Dan was the Director of a Forensic and Addictions Unit at a community mental health center in Massachusetts. His areas of focus include the creation and deployment of behavioral intervention teams and using threat assessment to address campus violence.

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