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Episode 11. Dr. Susan Dunton

Podcast: Student Affairs One Thing
Release Date: January 31, 2022
Episode Title: 11 - Dr. Susan Dunton
Summary: We chat with Dr. Susan Dunton, former President of NHTI – Concord's Community College, Academic Dean at Bethel College, and Dean of Students at the University of Connecticut.


Dr. Susan Dunton

Dr. Susan Dunton has had a long career spanning both student affairs and academic affairs. Some highlights include Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs at the Boston Architectural College, President at NHTI Concord's Community College, the Academic Dean at Bethel University, Provost at Fisher College, and the Dean of Students at the University of Connecticut.

About This Podcast:
Student Affairs One Thing is a bi-weekly podcast with new episodes released every other Monday. Host Stuart Brown, founder of, chats with seasoned student affairs professionals about what is the "One Thing" they have learned that has helped shape their professional career.

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