Student Affairs

2023 VCS Scenario & Guidelines

Your team assignment is to create two 1–2 minute videos promoting activities within the residence hall, around the campus, etc. or to generally promote a campus office such as Career Services, Disability Services, etc.
Accompanying your videos will be a 1–2 page document explaining why you chose your subjects and what you hope to achieve through your videos.   This document should be simple and straightforward addressing the project. It is not to be a Powerpoint or glitzy presentation.

Your final submission materials will include two main deliverables:
a) two videos of 1-2 minutes in length – mp4 files
b) project summary document – PDF file
Your graduate cohort has assembled for their weekly seminar.  When Dr. Thierfeld enters she gets right down to business.  “The Dean of Students has asked for our help,” she began.  “Even though most pandemic restrictions have been rescinded, participation in residence life activities, residence hall councils, and student activities in general have continued to sag. We have been recruited to help.”
“How?” Tony Perkins, a grad student interning with the judicial board, asked.
“I was just getting to that,” the Professor replied.  “Social media is the key, but instead of all of you coming up with, let’s say, an Instagram campaign, she feels very short videos are the way to go.”
“So, we should just whip out our cameras and start posting stuff?” Henry Jacobs, a first-year student in the department asked.
“Absolutely not,” countered Thierfeld. “Let’s be creative about this. I want you to really think about how best to reach students in today’s environment. But the Dean has a thing for videos, so that’s where to start.”
 “That’s not a lot of guidance,” said Jacqueline Williams, a 2nd year grad student.
“True, but I have faith in all of you,” said Thierfeld.  “The videos can be serious or humorous.  Your choice.  Just remember not to overthink this.  Keep it simple and entertaining.  Have fun.  I’m going to pair you up in groups.  You can have until our class on March 8.  We’ll have a viewing party.”
“I’ll bring the popcorn,” said Williams”
“I’ll bring a 6-pack,” added Tony Perkins.
“Me too,” chimed in Henry Jacobs. 

Judges will be utilizing the following criteria:
- innovation of approach
- organization of presentation
- rationalization for chosen responses
- usefulness of the information presented
- thoroughness in following the rules of the competition
When sending in your final presentations, put your school name in the subject line – preferably first so we can best sort emails.
EX: [Your Institution Name] VCS submission.

In the email make sure to include the following info together where it is easy to read:
- Name of school, Advisor Name, Team Captain Name, Additional Team Members’ Names 
You will be submitting two 1-2 minute social media-style videos.  These do not have to be HD quality. 720p or standard definition is just fine.  Do not attach them to your email submission. Make sure they are downloadable from some link online. This can be your own youtube channel or Google Drive, iCloud  etc. However, make sure that anyone with the link can access  the video and it is not tied to one user who must request access. This is important so that any of our judges can download the files. We will only need access to them for a few days past the March 8th submission deadline.
Your project summary should be a 1-2 page PDF. You can attach this to your email or also include with your video files stored online.
Case study competitions are meant to be held in a condensed time period. However, three weeks should be more than enough time to complete your task.
While there are specifics within the case study, your team needs to decide the direction to take. You can decide the make-up of the college or the scope of the administration’s mandate as long as it flows with the original narrative of the case study.  Be creative!
All creative input should come from team members only - ie. no outside help when it comes to content. You can utilize limited outside assistance for minor technical activities like file conversion and uploading files.
If you have additional questions, please reach out to me and I will try to give you guidance regarding the contest’s intent or even technical considerations. 
And finally, if your team decides it will not be able to participate, please let me know. This will help me save some time chasing down all the latest stragglers and focus on those that need help with questions.
Please enjoy the contest, have some fun with your team members, and good luck to all!