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Archive of VCS Competitions

We salute all the student teams who have participated in the Virtual Case Competition (VCS) first started in 2002. Each year one team has been awarded top prize with two others being named second and third. Over the years, the guidelines, case studies, and submission formats have changed. We even awarded prizes for both "Most Educational" and "Most Creative" during two of our competition years.

A summary of each year's competition along with information on all the winning participants and participating schools are archived below.


2023:  Elon University  University of Texas at El Paso

2022:  Elon University  Elon University

2021University of Nevada, Reno  University of Nevada, Reno

2020University of Kansas  University of Kansas

2019California Polytechnic State University  California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo

2018University of Georgia  University of Georgia

2017 University of South Carolina  University of South Carolina

2016Clemson University  Clemson University

2015Western Illinois University  Western Illinois University

2014Indiana State University  Indiana State University

2013Western Michigan University Western Michigan University

2012St Cloud State University  St. Cloud State University

2011Western Kentucky University  Western Kentucky University

2010Oklahoma State University  Oklahoma State University (Educational)
2010Western Illinois University  Western Illinois University (Creative)

2009North Carolina State University  NC State University (Educational)
2009: Oklahoma State University  Oklahoma State University (Creative)

2008Baylor University  Baylor University

2007Florida State University  Florida State University

2006Indiana University  Indiana University

2005Florida Internationa lUniversity  Florida International University

2004Syracuse University  Syracuse University

2003Loyola University Chicago  Loyola University Chicago

2002Georgia Southern University  Georgia Southern University