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2022 Virtual Case Study Competition (VCS)

"Numen Lumen"

Elon UniversityCongratulations to Elon University for earning first place in this year's Virtual Case Study Competition. The team of Toni Formato (Team Captain), Rebecca Wiles, Mackenzie Hahn, and Kelsey Baron won the title. Each member of the winning team receives a check for $200.

In second place was a team from the University of Tennessee led by Annemarie Thomas with members Michael Hazan, Max LaCosse, and Jenna Ward. Each won $150. Third place went to Appalachian State University with captain Mariann King and team members Lisabeth Stewart, and  Landon Judy. Each won $100.

Thank you to every student who took part in this year's contest and to the staff advisors who helped coordinate their efforts.

This year's scenario involved creating the elements of two Virtual Escape Rooms. READ MORE...

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Elon University    ELON UNIVERSITY
   1st Place
: $200 per team member
   Members: Toni Formato (team captain), Rebecca Wiles, Mackenzie Hahn, Kelsey Baron

University of Tennessee    UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE
   2nd Place
: $150 per team member
   Members: Annemarie Thomas (team captain), Michael Hazan, Max LaCosse, Jenna Ward

Appalachian State University    APPALACHIAN STATE UNIVERSITY
   3rd Place
: $100 per team member
   Members: Mariann King (team captain), Lisabeth Stewart, Landon Judy

Due to the nature of the submissions, we will not be posting the to our website. However, some teams will be invited to expand upon their submissions into full-blown Virtual Escape Rooms to be eventually posted to the website.

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