Student Affairs

2014 Virtual Case Study (VCS) Scenario

TO: Members of the Student Affairs Staff
FROM: Vice President of Student Affairs
RE: Task Force on Sexual Violence

As you know, President Obama recently created a task force charged with ensuring sexual violence and sexual misconduct are prevented on our nation’s college campuses and assisting survivors of these occurrences in fully accessing educational opportunities and being protected from retaliation for reporting their concerns and experiences.

With the media coverage locally and nationally and our own students shining a light on the epidemic of sexual violence on college campuses, I have decided to create a similar task force for our campus community. You are receiving this notice because you have been selected to serve on this task force. I am charging the task force with developing a multi-faceted approach to addressing sexual violence on our campus. As our students are tech savvy, it is also important to incorporate social media practices into your report. Specifically, you are charged with creating an engaging and informative PowerPoint (or PDF) presentation (but not Prezi) that shows how you will develop campus programs and procedures that address the following:

  • Accommodating the unique needs of survivors of sexual violence
  • Ensuring the rights of those accused of sexual violence are met
  • Changing myths of sexual misconduct to facts
  • Sexual Misconduct prevention
  • Changing the paradigm from victims protecting themselves from sexual violence to ensuring all our community members treat everyone with respect to prevent sexual misconduct
  • Educating the campus community on ensuring all parties involved in sexual activity consent to that sexual activity
  • Defining consent

As part of this task force, it will be important for the committee to educate themselves on recent regulatory updates from the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR), the Violence Against Women Act’s (VAWA) Reauthorization and its Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act (SaVE) in conjunction with the Jeanne Clery Act (Clery).

Judges will be utilizing the following criteria:
- practicality of approach
- innovation of approach
- use of literature both within and outside student affairs
- organization of presentation
- rationalization for chosen responses

- Your group should utilize relevant student affairs literature, where appropriate, for their presentation.
- Utilization of outside sources, URLs, articles, etc. are encouraged, but cannot include input from individuals outside the team.
- Submissions should be well-thought out and organized.
- Submissions must be a self-contained PowerPoint file. Please submit only one file per entry. All material to be considered by the judges must be contained in that file.
- Submissions can be made to Stuart Brown at
- Max file size is 1.5MB