Student Affairs

2004 Virtual Case Study (VCS) Scenario

A consortium of ten Student Personnel Administration programs have decided a course on Student Affairs and Technology should be offered beginning in the Fall 2004 semester at their respective schools. You,and fellow faculty representatives from a number of the programs,have been asked by the department chairs to come up with a detailed syllabus for a 14 week course. What are the topics that today's graduate students need to know when they enter the workforce? The subject matter could cover any aspect of technology including desktop applications, the Web,ethical or legal issues, etc. In addition, to writing up a description for each weeks subject matter the committee needs to come up with anticipated learning outcomes. A simple listing of topics with pithy descriptions will not survive the scrutiny of each of the participating departments.

Not all faculty in the ten student personnel administration programs support the idea of a student affairs and technology course in the already crowded curriculum. Therefore, a justification of the proposed course needs to be part of the presentation. In essence, is this type of course necessary when most students have grown up with e-mail,IM and the Web?

Your submission should be well-thought out and organized. While there is no set format for your presentation to the faculty, the preferable format for viewing is PowerPoint and/or html. There will be plasma screens in the high tech room for the presentation. All submissions MUST be no larger than 600K.

The department faculty will be utilizing the following criteria when evaluating your proposal:

  • practicality of approach(including adaptability to other programs)
  • innovation of approach
  • use of literature both within and outside student affairs
  • organization of presentation
  • rationalization for chosen responses