Student Affairs

2003 Virtual Case Study (VCS) Scenario

Your committee has been charged by the Vice President for Student Affairs to review and propose changes to the (Student Life Web site). There are numerous aspects of the site that need to be addressed.

While the viewpoints of the committee are important the main focus, according to the Vice President , is for the group to come up with a statement of philosophy for the Web site. Additionally, why is it important to have a Divisional Web site? What is the Division trying to accomplish through the Web site? Who is the targeted audience? What does the literature have to say about student affairs Web sites? Pinpointing specific outside sources, such as URLs, to make your point is encouraged.

You are to produce a document that both critiques the current site and presents your committees recommendations. The design of the presentation is up to the committee. There is no set format. Submission should be well-thought out and organized. Examples could include pure text, html coding, PowerPoint, or a combination, etc. The total size of the file should not exceed 500K so as to ensure the Vice President being able to open and read the information.

The Vice President knows everyone on campus has an opinion, but only wants input from your committee. No one outside the group should assist you or provide their insights.