Student Affairs

2008 Virtual Case Study Winners

1st Place: Baylor University [view entry]
Melissa Gruver, J.T. Snipes, Kathryn Wheatley
$175.00 to each team member

2nd Place: Oklahoma State University [view entry]
Amanda Mollet, Kevin Kraft, Carl Segura
$150.00 to each team member

3rd Place: University of St. Thomas [view entry]
James Hall, Joy Hemmesch, Dave Newell, Katherine Mooty
$100.00 to each team member

4th Place: University of Central Arkansas [view entry]
Trista Davis, Jennifer Landowski, Justin Rasnick, Joseph Hawkins
$75.00 to each team member

5th Place: Indiana University [view entry]
Leigh Featherstone, Heather Matthews, Tricia Davis
$50.00 to each team member

A write-up of our winners along with links to each team project has been published in the Spring 2008 edition of Student Affairs Online.