Student Affairs

February 2019 Webinars

  • Assessing Social Events and Programs Tuesday, 2/05/2019, 1 pm EST Dr. Charles Hueber If your struggling with developing a standard way to assess social programs this is the webinar for you. We will discuss a specific method for gathering data from events and how you can use that data to improve your programming in meaningful and intentional ways.
  • Students on the Autism Spectrum and Residence Life Wednesday, 2/06/2019, 1 pm EST Dr. Jane Thierfeld Brown This webinar will discuss Autism, and also provide strategies to assist students on the spectrum living in residence halls.
  • Social Media and Mental Health: How Student Affairs Professionals Can Help Thursday, 2/07/2019, 1 pm EST Dr. Aaron Hughey This webinar will provide evidence-based best practices and related information and insights that can be used immediately to respond more effectively and efficiently to the needs of students who are experiencing emotional and mental health challenges due to their extensive involvement with social media.
  • Strengths-Based Interview Skills Tuesday, 2/12/2019, 1 pm EST Anne Brackett & Alicia Wojciuch This webinar will help you to identify your strengths and use as a framework to better understand yourself and how you contribute to a team and organization, increases your self-confidence and your ability to communicate what you are and what you can bring to others, including improving the way you answer interview questions.
  • Working with Parents of Students with Disabilities Wednesday, 2/13/2019, 1 pm EST Dr. Jane Thierfeld Brown This webinar will look at strategies for working with parents of students with disabilities including looking into guardianship and FERPA.
  • How eSports can work at your school Friday, 2/15/2019, 1 pm EST Dr. Charles Hueber This webinar will discuss the reasoning and provide evidence needed to petition administration for the support of and funding for an eSports program. We will briefly cover some of the details of launching a program but, the hour will be spent answering the questions why you should launch and how it can work. The primary goal of the webinar is to help student affairs professionals put together a proposal to seek funding and support for a competitive eSports program.
  • Becoming a Successful Supervisee (Managing Up) Tuesday, 2/19/2019, 1 pm EST Joanne Goldwater This webinar will discuss relationship-building and communication with your supervisor, whether that person is your new supervisor or a longtime supervisor. Participants will learn tips on how to establish and/or maintain a good working relationship with the person who does their annual evaluation!
  • Sensory Rooms – Developing a Calming Space Wednesday, 2/20/2019, 1 pm EST Dr. Jane Thierfeld Brown this webinar to learn how to create a more tranquil and comforting environment on campus for students with anxiety, sensory disabilities, feeling of overwhelmingness, etc.
  • Responding Effectively (and Calmly!) to Complaints and Criticism Date Thursday, 2/21/2019, 1 pm EST Amir Baghdadchi In this webinar you will learn how handling unhappiness in our line of work is different from other kinds of service, and how our student affairs background actually holds the key to de-escalating a situation and rebuilding trust.
  • Creative Marketing: The P.T. Barnum Method Tuesday, 2/26/2019, 1 pm EST Dr. Charles Hueber This webinar will examine and explore the creative ways Barnum attracted people to his events, and how these concepts can be applied to our own advertising on campus. In addition we will introduce five methods of marketing that can help student affairs professionals and student leaders increase attendance and have fun in the process.
  • Supervising Student Employees and Student Volunteers Effectively Wednesday, 2/27/2019, 1 pm EST Charles Hueber This webinar will discuss strategies to manage today's students in an on campus environment from a work-study and/or volunteer position.
  • Best Practices for Managing Departmental Social Media Accounts Thursday, 2/28/2019, 12 pm EST Erin Hensley This webinar will offer best practices for managing social media accounts while providing participants with tangible skills they can bring back to their institutions and implement immediately.