Student Affairs

Creating and Implementing an Effective Student Leader Training

Duration: One hour
Facilitator: Dr. Steven Hood & Dr. Matthew Kerch
Price: $50.00

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Student staff training is an important part of developing employees to be successful in their position. As the roles of student staff members have changed over the years, so have individual training efforts. It is a constant battle for departments to stay current, relevant, interactive, effective, and efficient in their training, development, and delivery. It is becoming increasingly difficult for student affairs areas to adhere to training restraints with increased content that is needed to be presented to students. Training and developing staff is time intensive and is a significant cost to departments.

This webinar will focus on areas that can be developed, re-imagined, and refined to provide student staff with developmental opportunities, areas for advancement, and increasing support through student staff training. Specific examples, training and development plans, and effective student staff training opportunities and models that may work on your campus will be explored further in our discussion. If you are looking to re-energize, re-imagine, and re-work your student staff training, please sign up for this webinar.

Brief Outline:

  • Historical Context of Student Staff Training
  • Common trends in the 2010’s
  • Redesigning your student staff training
  • Assessment
  • Things to think about
    • Training MUST HAVES
    • Schedule
    • Programs
    • Presenters
  • Re-creating existing trainings
  • Examples
  • Final Thoughts – Things to consider

Learning Outcomes:

  • Attendees will learn about the history of Student Staff Trainings, begin to think about aspects to consider when re-working current trainings, and be exposed to practical applications for future staff training.
  • Attendees will learn new techniques which they can implement into their student leadership training programs
  • Attendees will be able to identify common trends in student leader training
  • Attendees will begin to break down the process of re-working their student training
  • Attendees will be able to identify specific factors, which can be implemented into student training that have been successful in other programs.

Who Should Attend:

Entry level coordinators, mid-level managers, directors in charge of student staff trainings.


Dr. Steven Hood and Dr. Matthew Kerch have a combined total of over 30 years in student affairs. They have extensive experience developing student staff trainings for multiple institutions, departments, and divisions. Dr. Hood and Dr. Kerch will be able to share experiences at a variety of institutions (small-large, public-private) to help your institution re-imagine your student staff training.

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