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Editor's Note

As folks begin yet a new academic year, we have three articles that perhaps will provide some new ideas. I am particularly fond of Eric Stoller's article, because I was giving similar advice and making the same predictions over ten years ago when I managed a student affairs research and technology department. I have always thought that student affairs divisions should have both shops in house, so as not to rely on the often faulty "expertise" of consultants. It appears that we still have a long way to go.

Gary D. Malaney

Featured Articles

Kevin Guidry writes about the history of student affairs and technology in Exploding a Myth: Student Affairs' Historical Relationship with Technology.

In The Path to Customer Service: A Web-based Service Log, Azfar Mian and Brandon Vega discuss the challenges of providing customer services in a campus housing operation.

Daniel Saunders and Catherine Lynch provide details on how to develop a web site for a graduate student governance organization in Using Technology to Create Student Space, Provide Resources, and Strengthen Governance in Graduate Programs.

And, in To Boldly Go, Eric Stoller advises student affairs administrators to make learning about technology a part of their professional lives.