Student Affairs

The Journal of Technology in Student Affairs

FALL 2007

Editor's Note

Welcome to another issue of articles covering a wide range of topics, some old (Facebook and podcasts), some new ("geeky" things), and some just fun (rabbits). As always, send any comments and questions to me. I am always willing to help new authors, so let me know if you want to write something on a tech topic related to higher education.

Gary D. Malaney

Featured Articles

In Facebook and the First-Year Experience: Promoting On-Line Education through New Student Orientation, Sara E. Hinkle and Staci L. Hersh discuss a variety of issues concerning the education of students regarding their participation in on-line social networking communities.

Stephanie Foote and Sarah Keeling write about some of their experiences using podcasts at the University of South Carolina Aiken in Lessons in Podcasting: A One Year Retrospective.

In The Influence of Technology on College Student Values, Samantha Wilson looks at some of the research studies on how much time students are using technology and how this use relates to their personal relationships and integrity.

Catherine Lynch discusses an organization called Free Press and how students can get involved in its "Save the Internet" campaign.

In A Dozen Geeky Things, Leslie Dare introduces us to a dozen geeky things.

Finally, Brian Cremins is back with a humorous account of his new bunny in How My Rabbit Taught Me to Love Wikipedia.