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Reasons for Student Affairs Podcasting

Through podcasts student affairs administrators can effectively utilize the assets of these media players as an important communication apparatus with undergraduate as well as professional staff. There are a number of specific reasons for student affairs to commence podcasting:

Learning Styles -- with the advent of podcasts a new dimension of learning has availed itself to students as well as staff. Both audio and video could be a new avenue to introduce information, adding to the repertoire of different learning styles commonly utilized.

Training -- podcasts can present a whole new avenue for training professional and/or student staff. The portability of Podcasts can be utilized for information dissemination over the summer as well as to reinforce instruction and knowledge throughout the academic year. Dorothy Leland, president of Georgia College and State University put it succinctly by stating the "location-independent access to digital multimedia material means that the delivery of instruction is less dependent on time and place" (Blaisdell, 2006, p. 4).

In order to best utilize the functionality associated with podcasts staff members may also need to rethink the very nature of training and its associated learning objectives and goals. What creative pathways are now open-through audio and/or video-through this fast growing medium?

Students are Podcasting -- Student affairs staffs are always seeking effective ways to interface with the undergraduate population. Since podcasting has become part of the student culture, by delving into this broadcast technology student affairs professionals can tap into a communication system already utilized by undergraduates. As Campbell observed, "This is a language they not only understand, but use, often on a daily basis" (Campbell, 2005, p. 37).

It's New -- not that student affairs needs to jump on yet another technology bandwagon, but very few student affairs offices, or other parts of a college or university campus, are producing podcasts. The inherent novelty invites recognition of a department's efforts, as well as possible awareness by the media, both on and off campus.

Quick Learning Curve -- producing podcasts and making them available on the web is relatively easy. There are technical barriers to overcome-both in creating and uploading a final product. But with perseverance or with having a knowledgeable individual available to assist in the initial deployment of podcasts, the timeframe to master podcasting is comparatively quick.

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