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We will be posting a new lineup of webinars soon. However, in the meantime, please check out our large selection of archived replays.

 • Sexual Misconduct
 • Career Readiness
 • Student Hunger
 • School Pride
 • Organizational Conflict
 • Title IX Investigations
 • Motivational Interviewing
 • Veterans Friendly Campus
 • Hazing on Campus
 • Athletic Attendance
 • Alcohol Education
 • Autism/Aspergers
 • LGBT issues
 • Substance use
 • Binge drinking
 • Multiracial issues
 • Success roadmaps
 • Developmental theory
 • Student retention
 • Budgeting
 • Data collection Graduate Blogs has chosen its two graduate student bloggers to write our weekly blog for the 2015 Student Affairs Job Hunt. Follow their nerve-racking, enlightening, eye-opening experiences as they search for that first-time position in student affairs administration.

Entry #15 : May 12th - The New Girl
Oh Happy Days!!! I am so excited to share with you all the I received a job for the upcoming school year! Wahoo!! It feels so good to be done searching and know that my hard work has paid off... Read more...

2015 Virtual Case Study Competition


Results are in for our 14th Annual VCS for Masters level students in student personnel administration, counseling or higher education administration graduate programs. Team members from the top finishers won cash prizes.

This year we received 29 team submissions from 20 separate schools. A complete wrap-up on the contest will be published in the Spring edition of "The Journal of Technology in Student Affairs". Read more...

1st PLACE: Western Illinois University
Emily Simon, Michelle Hutchison, Christi Reed

2nd PLACE: Shepherd University
Hathiya Chea, Ashley Dorsey, Timothy Maggio

3rd PLACE: Western Carolina University
Andrew Johnson, Ronni Williams, Cassandra Spencer, Joshua Cauble

Journal of Technology
in Student Affairs

Kevin Valliere looks at the history of technology use in student affairs and advocates for technology education in our preparation programs in A Guide for Integrating Technology in Student Affairs Masterís Programs.

In Social Justice and Software, Will Barratt and Brian Zuel discuss how the selection of software and operating systems for campuses has implications for social justice.

Adam Peck writes about studentsí use of reflective judgment and critical thinking in Overcoming the Digital Dilemma: Developing and Measuring Critical Thinking Gained through Cocurricular Eperiences in a Time of Information Overload.

In Serving Distance Education Students through a Community Website, Peggy C. Holzweiss looks at how students in an on-line masterís program use a website set up for their community.

Conference Season Has Begun!
Our intrepid graduate student, Craig Bidiman, has produced a series of quick videos with a few tips on how to prepare for the upcoming conference season. Check out all of Craig's videos on Youtube!