- the #1 guide for student affairs professionals Blogs is looking for one or two graduate students to write our weekly blog for the 2015 Student Affairs Job Hunt.

Interested graduate students should submit one writing sample that would be in line with what would appear on the Student Affairs Job Hunt as opposed to simply a writing sample from a course or a personal blog. Submissions are due by Wednesday, January 7, 2015.

There is a small stipend and the blog will be anonymous to give students more freedom in writing about their experiences. We am looking for individuals that can write interesting, fun, enlightening, edgy, eye-opening blogs. This would take someone who is not afraid to keep a blog and who is a good, creative writer. Students can get an idea of what we am looking for by reviewing our past Blogs.

If you have any questions, please contact Stuart Brown at

2014 Student Affairs Job Hunt
Last spring, finished its 9th year of asking two graduate students, going through the job search process, to share their thoughts and feelings and chronicle their ups and downs as they pursue their first student affairs position. Read about their exploits from spring 2015 through their successful job acquisition.

Student Affairs Job Hunting Guide
The job hunting season is just about to start. What are the tips you would offer would-be candidates? What are the major pieces of advice you would bestow on job hunters? What about those little things that can make a world of difference? In spring 2010 we published the Student Affairs Job Hunting Guide to answer these and many other questions. The suggestions and advice is still relevant today.