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UPCOMING WEBINARS (Listed by date. All times are EST)

131. A New Approach to Changing Behavior: Formative Programs and Sanctions
Wednesday, February 11, 2015 at 1pm
Karen Donoghue and Tyler McClain


All Webinar Replays are priced at $98 or $108 depending on the length of the session.

130. The Problems with Consent: Engaging Gaps between Laws, Policies, and Students' Lived Experiences
Dr. Jason Laker and Dr. Erica Misako Boas

129. Motivational Interviewing: A model for behavioral change
Antonia Montoya

128. Expanding Supervisory Influence: Propelling One's Staff Through Coaching
Thomas C. Segar, Ph.D. and Debra Y. Griffith

127. Implementing a "Veterans Friendly" Campus Climate
Sarah E. Minnis

126. Using Legal Precedent to Combat Hazing Culture
Jason L. Meriwether

125. Building a culture of pride and tradition at a two-year college
Dr. Charles Hueber

124. Boosting Athletic Attendance (without resorting to bribes)
Dr. Adam Peck

122. Student Inclusion in Interactive Alcohol Education Initiatives
Jason L. Meriwether

120. Conduct and Students on the Autism Spectrum
Dr. Jane Thierfeld Brown

117. Building Assessment Into Your Daily Work in Student Affairs
Dr. Adam Peck

116. Strategies to Increase Connectedness for LGBT Students
Jason L. Meriwether and Aaron J. Hart

115. Starting a Transition Camp/Extended Orientation program
Dr. Charles Hueber

114. Welcome Home: Residential Impact on Student Persistence & Revenue Indicators
Jason L. Meriwether and Aaron J. Hart

113. Students with Autism/Aspergers in the Residence Halls
Dr. Jane Thierfeld Brown

112. Best Practices in Working with Adult Learners
Dr. Aaron W. Hughey

111. Providing Job-Ready Skills to Involved Students on Campus
Dr. Adam Peck

109. Substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders among college students
Jonathan Beazley and Paige Hover

107. This is your College on Alcohol: Preventing Binge Drinking on College Campuses
Toben Nelson and Ken Winter

105. Supporting Identity Development among Multiracial Students to Increase Institutional Connectedness
Jason Meriwether and Brittany Hunt

99. Necessary Steps: Roadmap to First Generation College Student Success
Dr. Clarice Ford and Yolanda Beamon

98. Sexual Misconduct and Title IX Investigations: An Introduction
Heather Cowan

93. Students with Autism/Aspergers: Information for Student Affairs Professionals
Dr. Jane Thierfeld Brown

89. Introduction to Using Developmental Theory in Student Affairs Practice
Tracy Davis

76. 5 things to start doing and 5 things to stop doing to increase school spirit on your campus
Dr. Adam Peck

70. Organizing Time, Tasks and Teams
Dr. Jason Laker

67. Using Residence Life Staff to Assess Engagement and Aid in Student Retention
Curt Naser and Karen Donoghue

66. Budget Basics for Student Affairs Professionals
Dr. Mark Kretovics

61. Feeling the Spirit: Cultivating School Spirit for the Millennial Generation
Dr. Adam Peck

57. Commuter Students: Balancing Work, Family, and Academics
Dr. Jennifer Hodges

51. Inclusion 101 Workshop Activities - A Training Guide
Dr. Kathy Obear

41. Another Survey?!? Alternative Assessment Data Collection Methods
Angela Yancik Baldasare, Jen Meyers Pickard, Linda Scheu

** Please read our FAQ Section for general information about our webinars including System Requirements and recommended Compatibility Check.