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The Journal of Technology in Student Affairs


The Journal of Technology in Student Affairs provides a forum for the student affairs generalists on issues relating to student affairs and technology. Technological advances occur on an almost daily basis, and student affairs practitioners are becoming hard-pressed to keep up with this rapidly expanding realm. The goal is to become an indispensable tool for student affairs professionals at all levels, who are trying to cope with and understand the ever-changing technological world.

Submissions can be researched-based, descriptive in nature, or thought pieces. Interactive documents, which can stimulate online discussions, are also encouraged. Articles should go beyond the basic "how to" and focus on the impact (good and bad) that technology has on the practice of student affairs. For example, an article about how to use the database FileMaker Pro would not be appropriate, but a submission describing an innovative utilization of the software would.

Manuscripts should be at least 750 words, not exceeding 3,750 (between 3-15 double-spaced, typed pages). All articles must related to student affairs and technology to some degree.

We encourage the use of HTML formatting, thus allowing articles to link to other resources, in manuscripts and book reviews.

All submitted manuscripts must be in APA style.

Please send all submissions (or further questions) to: Stuart Brown at

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