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Associate Director for Student Activities and Coordinator for Leadership Programs

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, MA United States

Basic Function and Responsibility

The Associate Director for Student Activities and Coordinator for Leadership Programs serves as an integral part of the Student Activities Office team in providing Institute support, advice, and direction to and for MIT students, student activities, clubs, and organizations, particularly in the area of student leadership development. The Associate Director has the primary responsibility of implementing and managing co-curricular and leadership programs for MIT undergraduate and graduate students. In collaboration with the Associate Dean for Student Leadership and Engagement, the Associate Director leads the development of strategies and programmatic initiatives that focus on the area of student leadership, skill development, learning outcomes and assessment providing an overarching framework for student leaders to engage with.  Works with MIT recognized groups and student governments to strengthen the ongoing visibility and diversity of student-run programs on campus, particularly advising student groups with a leadership development focus.  The Associate Director will have an abiding concern for, and commitment to, serving the diverse needs of the MIT community and the active promotion of an inclusive environment. Fosters communication and collaboration between and among students, the staff of the Division of Student Life, and the relevant programs and operations at MIT, particularly those of the Campus Activities Complex (CAC), the Alumni Association, Office of Multicultural Programs, Residential Education, various academic units and Campus Police.

 Duties and Responsibilities

I. Program Development.  Supports and advises student organizations and governments, particularly in the area of leadership development.  Encourages and assists in facilitating students’ efforts to provide a balanced program of social activities that is consistent with the Institute’s educational mission.  Specific duties include:


  1. Responsible for the curricular development, facilitation and assessment of student leadership programs and initiatives such as workshops, retreats and annual events. Intentionally and strategically ties efforts to the DSL Leadership Model and learning outcomes and competencies.
  2. Co-facilitate and deliver a residential seminar (“T.H.R.I.V.E.”) for first year students on transitioning effectively to MIT; covering topics on health and wellness, relationships, co-curricular experiences, leadership development and an introduction to college living.
  3. Responsible for the development, implementation and training curriculum for a leadership development series for student leaders including, but not limited to, effective officer transition, cultural competencies, conflict management, negotiation, effective communication and ethical decision-making.
  4. Serves as the Program Coordinator for MIT’s LeaderShape program.
  5. Serves as coordinator for the Community Catalyst Leadership Program and the How to Adult Professional Development Series. Works collaboratively with offices across the Institute in the planning and facilitation of these programs, including the Alumni Association, Office of Graduate Education, International Students Office, Career Development, etc.
  6. Advises and attends the Freshman Leadership Program, a student-run pre-orientation program. Responsible for the oversight and development of learning outcomes, activities and curriculum development.
  7. In collaboration with the SAO staff, coordinates the development, implementation and training curriculum for a peer advisor program that assists SAO staff with the advisement of 450+ student organizations.
  8. Assists SAO Staff in planning and facilitation of Student Organization Training, including financial and event training.
  9. Shares responsibility with other Student Activities staff for coordination of major campus-wide events organized by, with, or for students and committees.  SAO sponsored programs include Spring Weekend, Fall Festival, Day of Play, etc.
  10. Develops and implements a series of workshops and resources available for student leaders on a variety of leadership related topics.
  11. Assists with advisement of SAO supplemental funding.
  12. Responsible for the Student Leader Awards that are given during the annual Institute Awards Convocation.


Direct Student Group Advisement

  • Freshmen Leadership Program
  • Graduate Student Leadership Institute
  • LEF/Arcade – ASA Treasurer advisement
  • Freshmen and Sophomore Class Councils


SAO/DSL Leadership Programs

  • Emerging Leaders Program
  • LeaderShape
  • MIT L.E.A.D.
  • Diversity Leadership Retreat (collaborate with Office of Multicultural Programs)
  • Community Catalyst Leadership Program


II. Administration.  Participates in the collaborative administrative functions of the Student Activities Office.  Specific duties include:

  1. Assists students through the Event Registration process by advising and authorizing event requests.  Participates in improving event-related policies, working closely with Assistant Director of Student Activities and Events.
  2. Helps advise student leaders on their organization’s finances ((budgeting, fundraising, account management), working closely with the Assistant Director for Student Activities Finance.
  3. Works with the staff of the Student Activities to maintain and develop a resource file through which student groups can obtain relevant information about MIT and local vendors.
  4. Shares responsibility with other Student Activities staff and student planners for the coordination of activities and events as needed.
  5. Manage and provide oversight of a leadership programs budget of approximately 200K.
  6. Other duties as assigned.


III. Community Development

1.      Shares responsibility with other Student Activities staff and student planners for the coordination of activities and events as needed.

Supervision Received

Direct supervision is received from the Associate Dean for Student Leadership and Engagement on an ongoing basis. 


Supervision Exercised

Supervision exercised over the Graduate Intern for Student Leadership and student Peer Advisors.



A Master’s Degree in Student Personnel and/or Higher Education strongly preferred and

4-5 years of experience in the area of student activities, student leadership and curriculum development, and/or social justice education are strongly preferred. Must have:

  • Possess strong interpersonal skills
  • Proven experience and familiarity with delivering data-driven and outcomes-based programs and curricula in the area of student leadership development.
  • Experience in utilizing current leadership and identity development theories
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, multi-task environment with high attention to detail.
  • Experience and skills in conflict resolution, leadership training, and collaboration.
  • A demonstrated commitment to and appreciation for issues of diversity and community. An ability to intentionally thread issues of cultural competencies and social justice education within a framework of leadership development.
  • An ability to articulate a student activities philosophy and the role of student activities in a high intensity, innovative and ever-changing academic environment.
  • Demonstrate ability to work flexible schedules and work independently as a team member
  • Excellent writing and public speaking skills.
  • Evening and weekend hours are required.

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  • Start Date: No Start Date
  • Education: Master's Degree Preferred
  • Work Experience: 4 - 6 years
  • Part/Full Time: Full-Time

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