Student Affairs

Exhibit Hall

Does my account have to be approved and how long will that take?

Yes, when you first create your account it will be sent for moderation before going live on our site.  We hope to have this process completed within 24 hours and you will be notified as soon as it is live. 

Can I add more than one exhibit to my account?

Yes, when you first create your account it will be for your personal information or your agency. You can then add as many exhibits as you like under your account.

What is the fee structure after the free trial period ends?

There are two pricing structures for the Exhibit Hall.

Option One: Posting a single listing 

  • $300 for a six month single listing
  • $500 for a one year single listing

Option Two: Posting ten or more listings
This provides you slots for ten listings.  The listings can be changed during the year.

  • $2,400 for six months of ten slots
  • $4,000 for one year of ten slots
  • $250 each additional slot after ten slots

Will I be automatically billed when the free trial is over?

No, on October 1st when the free trial period ends, your account will automatically be deactivated.  This means you can still log into your account to renew but any listing you have will no longer be visible to the public.  

Who can search for my exhibit?

This service is open to the public and anyone coming to our website can search for exhibits using our customized search tools. 

How much information do I need to add?

You should aim to fill out all fields including adding images, videos, testimonials etc. This will help you within our search results and also give users a better look into who you are and what you do. You should also make sure contact information is clear.