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We help educational institutions maximize their most valuable and expensive resource – employees – by coaching and training supervisors in how to develop an authentic, personal leadership style, establish better communication within their team, and create a culture that increases employee productivity, creativity, and engagement. We use CliftonStrengths as a framework to help supervisors create

Strengths Coaching for Supervisors can help you navigate how to build a productive, engaged team. By better understanding your talents and the talents of your team, we can help you formulate a plan to maximize your team's efforts. We will help you learn how your talents may be impacting your role as supervisor - both positively and negatively. We will work with you to better understand your teams talents and how to utilize them to get things done and avoid conflict. We will help you make a personalized plan on how to change your own behaviors and support your team members talents to create a more engaged work environment for your entire team.

Discovering and investing in your talents can change how you lead, your team, and your life. Our team has combined 30 years of experience in Higher Education and in training, coaching, and supporting students, faculty, and staff. Both Alicia and Anne are Gallup Certified Strengths Coaches and are committed to helping you and your team develop your talents, improve communication, and increase engagement.


  • Region I (CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT)
  • Region II (DC, DE, MD, NJ, NY, PA, WV)
  • Region III (AL, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN, TX, VA)
  • Region IV-E (IA, IL, IN, MI, MN, OH, WI)
  • Region IV-W (AR, CO, KS, MO, ND, NE, NM, OK, SD, WY)
  • Region V (AK, ID, MT, NV, OR, UT, WA)
  • Region VI (AZ, CA, HI)



We'd love to talk to you. Whether you have questions or want to book us, you can contact us via our website: Or contact Anne Brackett via email: or phone: 314.324.9508.

Even though I’ve been working in the field of higher education for over 20 years, there’s still so much to learn. Strengths coaching has played a major role in my recent growth, both personally and professionally. I have a better idea of what I have to offer my students and coworkers, as well as the times when my Strengths could get in the way of where I want to go. I am thankful that my campus invested its resources into helping our students, staff, and faculty find this common language for understanding one another.

-Rebecca Jones, Director of Academic Support, Interim VP of Student Affairs

I had many strength coaching sessions with both Alicia and Anne. They both were super friendly and easy to talk to! I also appreciated how they were able to adapt and change each coaching session to fit my needs and explored subjects that I was interested in and had questions about. They really listened to me and focused on my needs. I would absolutely recommend that others have this experience. I cannot express enough gratitude for how thankful I am for the skills I was able to develop and master from this training. It has completely changed how I work with others and makes challenging tasks less difficult as I am able to conquer them by using my strengths.

-Peter Jaeger, Student & Former RA

At the time I reached out to Alicia for Strengths Coaching, I was in a shaky place with a team I was working with. Strengths coaching helps you put words to the things you “already know” about yourself in a sense, but could never truly verbalize or conceptualize. The experience of strengths coaching was absolutely fantastic – Alicia has a way of interacting with each person in a way that is meaningful and purposeful to them. Her genuine, kind, and compassionate demeanor make it easy to unpack some of the more difficult topics and concepts. I felt like Alicia helped me to understand myself in a deeper way, especially in how to apply my specific set of strengths to my current situation and my life. It truly has allowed me to form more cohesive relationships and deal with situations in a meaningful way! I would highly recommend strengths coaching to any person looking to understand themselves on a deeper level. If you are wanting to get out of a rut, move past a difficult situation, excel in your career, have better relationships, or understand why you do the things you do, this is for you!

-Ana Simonian, Student Leader

After 6 years of studying to get my doctorate in pharmacy, I had a half-dozen interviews separating me from a successful career and floundering in the uncertain job market. I had developed plenty of soft skills through my extracurricular activities, but didn't know how to effectively convey them to an employer. I did a mock interview and found I had rather flat answers. After identifying and developing my top 5 strengths, I did a follow up interview a few weeks later. I’d significantly improved my answers, was less flustered, and ended up getting job offers with every company I interviewed!

-Alyssa Falck, Pharmacist & Former RA

The Strengths seminars are a fun way to highlight how each person can play a role in the team while encouraging new professionals to explore their own personal strengths and leverage them to their advantage. In addition to learning about themselves and their teammates, the administration also gains insight into their respective strengths and weaknesses. We are given the unique opportunity to offer support that plays to their strengths as early as possible and set them up for optimal success. The Strengths workshop highlights what we’re already good at and how to continue doing things well. It also gives us insight into where our weaknesses are and how we might collaborate better to form a well-rounded team to accomplish a goal.

-Erin Morris, Coordinator of Academic Affairs & Postgraduate Education

Anne and Alicia approached me about adding Strengths Finders to our New Employee Orientation. They did a fantastic job of keeping the session fun and laid-back! Our employees learned about the areas where they individually excel and how they can use their strengths to make the most of their position—whether it be a custodial position or a vice president position. The Strengths Finders program also offers opportunities to learn about co-workers’ personalities. Have you ever wondered why you just cannot seem to get along with that certain co-worker? After completing Anne’s and Alicia’s Strengths Finders seminar, you will understand why that co-worker has different values than you do and once you know their strengths, you can forge ahead into a mutually beneficial working relationship. I highly recommend Anne’s and Alicia’s Strengths Finders seminar for new employees, departments, individuals and anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and build stronger relationships with others.

-Kim Pert, Associate Director of Human Resources

I would absolutely recommend this training! Continued strengths training on the best way to use and incorporate strengths into everyday life, just makes common sense. If you are using strengths, the next logical step is to develop tools and skills to communicate your talents in a meaningful and productive way. Interviewing can be overwhelming. We are not taught that it is good to talk about ourselves. Our session gave people a way to constructively talk about themselves and what they do well.

-Kilinyaa Cothran, Director of Professional Student Affairs

Strengths coaching saved me from myself. It wasn’t until I started strengths coaching with Anne that I realized my passive personality was getting in my way. With Anne’s help I was able to understand myself more and find strategies to keep myself from continuing to be passive and actively speaking out for myself and my needs. Throughout my three sessions, Anne actively listened to what I had to say and tailored the experience to my needs. Anne empowered me to become a stronger woman and I can never thank her enough for what she did for me. The beauty of the program is that it uses your strengths to help you, help yourself. The strengths coaches help you make connections and suggest strategies that you may not have thought of yet. If you are thinking about getting coached or even becoming a coach yourself DO IT! You won’t regret it, I know I didn’t.

-Liz Pham, Student

Strength coaching had the biggest impact on my confidence. It allowed me to better understand what I was good at and how to use my strengths to help improve things that I considered weaknesses. Being able to talk through my strengths with an expert gave me valuable insights. I learned ways to use my strengths to overcome barriers that prevented me from my full potential. When approaching a new task, I feel more comfortable and confident if I am able to apply my strengths to the task at hand. Strength coaching can give you the confidence to pursue things that motivate and inspire you.

-Fred Jaeger, Student & Former RA

Strengths training is what you need if you frequently work with other people. As a student, resident assistant, and young professional I used my knowledge of my strengths regularly to not only solve problems, but to maximize my ability in each setting I was in. If you are serious about becoming the best version of yourself then Strengths University is where you need to look. The staff at Strengths University, particularly Anne, provide excellent training that is also very personal and creative. They interrelate the real world with strengths so when you finish the session, you leave with a sense direction and understanding of where you can apply what you’ve learned and how you can make a difference.

-Jerrett Marcuson, Student & Former RA

My experience with the Strengths coaching was everything I could have asked for and more. I not only learned how to expand on my personal strengths, but was also guided in how to effectively "sell" myself and all of the positive qualities I have to offer as a leader, professional, and team member to potential employers. The knowledge I gained during my Strengths coaching session without a doubt gave me a leg up on my competition. By the end of my session, I had the notes, practice, and confidence I needed to have a positive interview experience and land the job of my dreams. Whether your end goal is to prepare for a job interview or to help expand your own business, Strengths coaching will not only set you up for success, but will give you the tools you need to continue channeling and fulfilling your positive attributes in your day to day life.

-Emily Carroll, Pharmacist & Former RA

The goal of our program was to empower women by instilling confidence and encouraging them to think focus on themselves. We felt that by starting with assessing with oneself and working to build, or continue, their assertiveness level could help them be the best in their position. This session is great because everyone can relate, regardless of age, gender, level of management, if your workplace is at home or at a company, we all exhibit these behaviors, and can likely improve on them which can better our emotional and mental stress and our relationships both in our personal and professional lives. We received very positive feedback from the presentation topic, the discussion it prompted and the presenter, who brought out audience participation and provided a relatable setting for our audience.

-Stephanie Mauzy, Director of Alumni Relations