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Working Together to Protect Each Other

Duration: 1 hour
Facilitator: Jenn Longa
Price: $50.00

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The Federal "Bystander-Focused Prevention of Sexual Violence" fact sheet from "Not Alone" describes in detail that bystanders have been found to be key in sexual assault prevention. Recent media cases have shown how individuals can step in and stop an assault from continuing or happening at all. This concept needs to be expanded to other problem situations that students face including racism and bias related incidents, depression, fights, etc. In order for climate change to take place, programming should begin at orientation and be on-going and interactive throughout a student's time at college.


  • Learn about bystander intervention programming and how to share it with students
  • Understand the importance of teaching students to use intervention skills in a variety of situations
  • Be introduced to a variety of means by which messaging on bystander intervention can be provided
  • Be able to develop a plan to implement these strategies on their own campus.


Jenn Longa is the Assistant Dean of Students for Victim Support Services and Bystander Initiatives at the University of Connecticut. Prior to UConn, Jenn was the Director for Civility Education at the University of Rhode Island, focusing on hazing, harassment, disruptive students and bullying issues, and spent 11 years as the Director of Violence Prevention and Advocacy Services at URI. Jenn is a certified law enforcement trainer and as the co - managing partner of Safe & Civil Campus, she presents to students, faculty, staff, at numerous colleges as well as law enforcement, and professional groups. She also provides training programs to student athletes and a National Football League team with a focus on violence prevention, bystander responsibility, and issues of consent.

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