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Universal Design: Making Your Program Accessible to All Students

Duration: 1 hour
Facilitator: Dr. Rebecca Cory
Price: $98.00

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In this interactive, engaging webinar, Dr. Rebecca Cory will share the principles of universal design with a focus on how to apply them to student services program and environments. There is an increase in diversity in the student body at today’s college and universities. Universal design provides a framework for thinking through how to create accessible and supportive environments for students that are historically on the margins. The focus of universal design is on students with disabilities but students of color, first generation students, international students and other non –traditional students’ needs will be addressed in the discussion.


  • Participants will know the principles of universal design.
  • Participants will understand the importance of using universal design for creating accessible programs.
  • Participants will identify ways to apply universal design to their program.


Dr. Rebecca Cory is Associate Professor and Associate Program Director in the School of Applied Leadership at City University of Seattle. She has dedicated her professional career to the inclusion of students on the margins in higher education. She served as disability services director at three different intuitions, and has published two books on accessible pedagogy. Currently, she directs graduate programs in adult learning and higher education leadership. Rebecca lives in Seattle with her husband and four backyard chickens.

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