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Stop Making Bad Flyers!

Duration: 1 hour
Facilitator: Dr. Charles Hueber
Price: $98.00

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In today's digital world the promotion of campus events is centered around Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other digital resources. But, the staple of any good advertising campaign has always been and probably always will be been the flyer. Flyers litter our campuses; from the bulletin boards in the buildings to outdoor kiosks. As programmers we are constantly looking for ways to make our flyers standout and be noticed in the sea of advertising that exists on our campuses. Creating a good flyer is not a magical skill or one that requires an advanced degree in graphic design. With a little patience and practice anyone who can use a computer can create a digital work of art.

Flyers have come a long way in the past few years. The advances in computer programming and printing services have made it possible to create better flyers for less money. Many program offices now have computers and printers and can design and print their flyers in house. This article will look at various ways to positively impact the design of a flyer. Just because our student are spending more and more time in a digital world does not mean we should abandon the print advertising on campus – we merely need to adjust!


  • Have a better understanding of the meaningful methods to create solid flyers in terms of: fonts, colors, and graphics
  • Be introduced a variety of programs commonly use for the creation of flyers
  • Examine the use of digital media and print media in flyer creation
  • Understand the challenges to marketing to an increasingly digital generation.


  • Residence Life Programmers
  • Greek Life
  • Student Activities Staff
  • Administrators


Dr. Charles Hueber is currently the Dean of Students at Schreiner University. He has worked in higher education for over 15 years at Trinity Valley Community College, Georgia Southern University, and Stephen F. Austin State University. He has served as a speaker and consultant to a variety of universities and businesses in leadership development, customer service and social integration. He has also published numerous articles on leadership, school spirit, and marketing. His main research interest lies in social integration and its impact on college success. He has helped to develop multiple transition camp programs around the country and has long been an advocate for spirit and traditions programming.

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