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Guns on Campus: Best Practices for Keeping the Campus Safe

Duration: 1 hour
Facilitator: Dr. Aaron Hughey
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Recent court decisions have affirmed the right of students, faculty and staff to have firearms when they are on campus, especially at public institutions. This webinar will focus on emerging best practices as they relate to preserving the individual rights of those who wish to carry firearms on campus while protecting the safety and security of everyone who lives and works there. This is not an "either/or" proposition. With an informed perspective and an in-depth understanding of the relevant issues, both can be accomplished by administrators who possess the right attitude, knowledge and skills, which will be provided during this webinar. The potential consequences for colleges and universities grappling with this issue are enormous. In many respects, the stakes have never been higher as the outcomes associated with a bad decision could literally mean life or death for those involved. This webinar will be applications-oriented and emphasize prudence in balancing the rights of individuals to arm themselves against the rights of the institution to keep the educational mission at the forefront of the decision-making process. The goal of this webinar is to equip participants with the knowledge, skills and competencies they will need in order to deal with the disruptive impact the addition of deadly weapons to the campus can precipitate.


  • Review the applicable laws and statutes related to the right to have firearms on a college campus
  • Examine the responsibility of student affairs professionals and other college administrators to keep their campuses safe and secure
  • Differentiate between concealed and open carry as they relate to higher education environments
  • Critique the various policies and procedures institutions have developed and implemented related to guns on campus
  • Consider the efficacy of 'active shooter' training and other proactive approaches to dealing with potential gun violence on college campuses
  • Investigate the best practices emerging as this issue continues to evolve in response to societal realities and their political and socioeconomic implications


  • This webinar is designed primarily for student affairs professionals at all levels as well as other administrators and staff in leadership/supervisory or support positions charged with the development, implementation and policies and procedures related to maintaining a safe and secure campus.


Dr. Aaron W. Hughey is a Professor in the Department of Counseling and Student Affairs at Western Kentucky University, where he oversees the graduate degree program in Student Affairs in Higher Education. Before joining the faculty in 1991, he spent 10 years in progressive administrative positions, including five years as the Associate Director of University Housing at WKU. He was also head of the department of Counseling and Student Affairs for five years before returning to the faculty full-time in 2008. Dr. Hughey has degrees from the University of Tennessee at Martin, the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, Western Kentucky University, and Northern Illinois University. He has authored (or co-authored) over 60 refereed publications and regularly presents at national and international conferences and meetings on a wide range of issues including leadership in higher education, critical issues and concerns facing the academy, student learning and development, standardized testing, diversity and various aspects of educational administration and risk management. He also consults extensively with companies, agencies and schools on these and other topics in addition to providing training programs on a variety of topics centered on best practices and evidence-based change management.

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