Student Affairs

Forecasting Our Future: Student Connections via Social Media

Duration: 1 hour
Facilitator: Dr. Josie Ahlquist & Jason L. Meriwether
Price: $98.00

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Youth are known to be the earliest adopters to the latest social media applications. This also means they are exiting older communications tools first. This webinar will address how to not only be a social media strategist with current tools, but a social forecaster for future impact. As you look to connect with future and current college students, this session will address current popular digital tools, as well as trending applications to begin exploring. Further, during this interactive discussion facilitators will share techniques to develop strategies to shape and implement your digital influence in the next academic year. This engaging webinar will also empower social media managers with tools to assess and analyze their current digital presence.


  • Current methods to increase social media presence for unique student affairs, enrollment management, and admission teams;
  • Strategies to increase student engagement in a range of social media platforms - focusing on past trends, current successes and future projections;
  • Methods to measure, quantify, and qualify social media activity among desired demographics;
  • Strategies to engage faculty, student leaders, admission, enrollment management, and other stakeholders in social media initiatives; and
  • Cultivate an eye for emerging platforms and methods for connecting with future college students.


  • Examine current best practices in social media engagement for student affairs, enrollment management and admissions units;
  • Enhance techniques to measure and increase desirable levels of social media engagement;
  • Identify new and existing methods of social media engagement across higher education organizations; and
  • Forecast effective strategies to connect with future college students through digital communication tools.


  • Communication Marketing Directors
  • Enrollment Management Professionals
  • Student Affairs Professionals
  • Those tasked with managing social media platforms
  • Admission Professionals


Dr. Josie Ahlquist is a leadership educator, discovering the intersection of digital communication technologies and leadership development in Higher Education. As a speaker, author and consultant she believes in challenging how higher education thinks about social media for community building, leadership development and student services. In addition she serves as adjunct faculty at Florida State University and Loyola University Chicago, teaching both undergraduate and masters level courses.

She is an emerging scholar on social media in education, exploring how leadership and social media are intertwined. She blogs weekly at, connecting scholarly research to best practices for students and educational leaders. She received her EdD from California Lutheran University in Higher Education Leadership, Masters in Education from Northern Arizona University and majored in sociology and human development at South Dakota State University.

She is a co-author in the Handbook of Student Affairs Administration textbook, writing the chapter on Computer-Mediated Communication and Social Media and is published in The Journal of Leadership Studies, exploring Digital Leadership Education using Social Media and the Social Change Model. Finally, she is a co-editor and author on a future New Directions in Student Services, "Engaging the Digital Generation" anticipated for release fall 2016.

Jason L. Meriwether is the Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management & Student Affairs at Indiana University Southeast, which was named one of the 15 "Promising Places to Work in Student Affairs" by Diverse Issues in Higher Education in 2015. Jason believes that success in student affairs and enrollment management lies in the ability to adapt to new trends in technology and digital presence, while staying committed to advocacy for learning. Jason is a contributing author of What Happens on Campus Stays on YouTube, published in 2015. Jason is also a Higher Education & Social Media contributor for and has been a guest blogger for the NASPA Technology Knowledge Community Blog and for the Student Affairs Collective. Jason is serving the American College Personnel Association as a member of the Presidential Task Force on Digital Technology in Student Affairs and the Directorate for the Commission for Student Conduct and Legal Issues. Jason actively uses Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Vimeo, Hootsuite, hosts a personal website, and consistently engages in Student Affairs chat forums such as #SLChat, #SAChat, #SAdoc & #EMchat.

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