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Digital Advertising 101: How to Get More Bang For Your Buck

Duration: 1 hour
Facilitator: Erin Hensley
Price: $108.00

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Has your department or institution ever thought about implementing a targeted ad campaign? Maybe you’re looking to gain more student applicants, create more brand awareness, or looking to get the word out about a new service or opportunity? This webinar is for you! This webinar will cover the foundations of digital advertising and walk you through how to best serve digital advertising to your target audience. This webinar will provide you with the skills needed to get an ad campaign off the ground!

Brief outline:Introduction

    1. Why digital advertising?
    2. What’s in it for you?
  1. Digital Advertising 101
    1. How to Influence Behavior
      1. Aiming for a frictionless experience
      2. Influence the customer journey
    2. Types of Ad Buys 
      1. Direct ad buys
      2. Closed networks
      3. Open networks
    3. Types of Ad Units
      1. Banner Ads
      2. Native Ads
      3. Mobile Ads
      4. Rich Media Ads
      5. Interstitial Ads
      6. Video Ads
    4. How to Choose Methods & Deliver Ads
      1. Search
        1. Google Adwords
      2. Social
        1. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
      3.  Programmatic
        1. Websites
    5. Data Collection
      1. Tips for gathering data on target customer
        1. Your data
        2. Platform data
        3. 3rd party data
      2. Measuring Success
        1. Key Performance Indicators
        2. Return on Investment/Return on Ad Spend
  2. Questions
    1. Collaboration and advice regarding issues you/your tea
    2. m are currently facing and how to solve them

Learning outcomes:

  1. Participants will learn best practices related to digital advertising.
  2. Participants will gain insights about the differences between various ad types and ad buys.
  3. Participants will learn how to choose a medium and implement a targeted ad campaign.
  4. Participants will learn how to measure the success of an ad campaign through KPI’s and ROI/ROAS.

Who should attend:

This webinar is designed to support a range of professionals with a range of expertise related to digital advertising, but most specifically would be useful for:

  • Folks interested in implementing a targeted ad campaign for their department or institution
  • University leaders interested in improving their advertising strategy to reach a goal (recruiting new students, creating brand/institutional awareness, getting the word out about events/opportunities)
  • Anyone interested learning about digital advertising and how to implement it

Presenter biography:

Erin Hensley currently serves as a Hall Director at The Ohio State University. She received her M.S.Ed. in Higher Education and Student Affairs from Indiana University, and is currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration at The Ohio State University with a specialization in marketing. Erin served as the Social Media Coordinator for the 2017 ACPA National Convention and has presented at numerous state and national conferences on social media best practices, anonymous social media sites, and how to best use personal social media accounts to market yourself to employers.

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