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A Path to Partnership: Using the Cocurricular Career Connections (C3) Leadership Model to Prepare Students for Success in their Careers

Duration: 1 hour
Facilitator: Dr. Adam Peck
Price: $108.00

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There is mounting evidence of the connection between participation in co-curricular experiences and the development of skills desired by employers. This session will discuss a new leadership model called the Cocurricular Career Connections Leadership Mode (C3) which describes how leadership educators can design experiences which help students acquire and refine leadership skills, and which can help groups resourcefully meet their shared goals. It also provides a linkage between leadership development in college and professional develop throughout one’s career.

This webinar will focus on how, using the Cocurricular Career Connections leadership model, leadership programs can be adapted to focus on developing competencies that can benefit students at every stage of college and careers, not just when they have assumed a formal leadership position. Additionally, this session will demonstrate how these competencies can be mapped to ensure that students can conceptualize their leadership journey and be exposed to career-relevant learning outcomes as they proceed through the program.

Learning Outcomes:

1) Participants will understand the connection between career competencies established by the National Association of Colleges and Employers and leadership competencies common in developmental leadership programs (as established by Seemiller).

2) Participants will be able to apply the Cocurricular Career Connections (C3) Leadership Model to the development and refinement of leadership programs.

3) Participants will be able to apply Bloom’s Taxonomy of learning to the development of career outcomes over time in order to ensure that participant develop higher order skills as they progress in the C3 model.

Presenter biography:

Dr. Adam Peck serves as Assistant Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. He is the co-creator or the Cocurricular Career Connections (C3) Leadership Model. Peck is also President and CEO of APEX Educational Programs, LLC, an educational consulting company that assists universities in engaging students and measuring the impact of that engagement. A former stand-up and improvisational comedian, Peck is a dynamic speaker who infuses his presentations with creativity and humor. He is the author of more than forty scholarly publications and has presented more than 100 national and international webinars. He was the co-author/editor of “Engagement & Employability: Integrating Career Learning Through Cocurricular Experiences in Postsecondary Education” published by NASPA.

Peck earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre from Lewis University, a Master of Arts in Communication Studies from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville and a Doctor of Philosophy from The University of Texas at Austin.

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