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A Guide for Increasing Internships and High-Quality Jobs upon Graduation

Date/Time: Wednesday, 10/16/2019, 1 pm EST
Duration: 1 hour
Facilitator: Sean O'keefe
Price: $108.00

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For many students, applying to jobs/internships online is like playing the lottery: they cross their fingers and hope they receive an interview. This is a REACTIVE method to landing an internship or job.

Why then, don’t more students take a more PROACTIVE approach to create professional relationships from scratch and then leverage their newfound relationships into internships and jobs?

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor recently said, “Sometimes, people are put off by networking as something tainted by flattery and the pursuit of selfish advantage. But virtue in obscurity is rewarded only in Heaven. To succeed in this world you have to be known by people.” But how can university professionals leverage Sotomayor’s advice to drive better student outcomes?

In this Webinar, Professor Sean O’Keefe will share his evidence-based system for student success and walk through his methods step-by-step. He will:

  • showcase the importance of scaffolded coaching (breaking things down into micro-steps and including if/then scenarios),
  • provide concrete tips and strategies to empower students to land high-quality internships and jobs, and
  • share how colleges and universities can utilize “Gen Z friendly” technology to scale career success initiatives.


  1. Welcome/Introduction
  2. Identify the biggest challenge students face in landing high quality internships and jobs upon graduation…and how to help them overcome it
  3. Stories of four former students who’ve overcome the biggest challenge
  4. Strategies and concepts for driving better student outcomes:
    1. The importance to scaffolded teaching and coaching
    2. Implementing an evidence-based system for student success
    3. Using an Intentionally Proactive method with step-by-step directions for students to model
    4. Fostering a student culture of proactive networking with business professionals
    5. Leveraging “Gen Z-friendly” technology to scale career success initiative
  5. Question and Answer
  6. Conclusion

Learning Outcomes:

  • Participants will learn how to overcome the #1 challenge to improving student outcomes
  • Participants will be empowered with tools and strategies to drive better career-related outcomes for their students
  • Participants will learn how to create a culture of proactive networking with business professionals

Who Should Attend:

This webinar is particularly well suited for mid-level student affairs professionals, career center directors, and faculty who wish to better understand how they can better support student success.


Sean O’Keefe is an award-winning faculty member in the Business School at Santa Clara University, a Jesuit institution in the heart of Silicon Valley. O’Keefe is also President of SRO & Associates, an educational consulting company that assists universities with improving student outcomes, i.e. high quality internships and jobs upon graduation.

Additionally, Sean is the Director of Impact for Empowered Students, a nonprofit that empowers first generation and low income college students with the knowledge, skills, and guidance to land life-altering internships and jobs upon graduation.

Mr. O’Keefe has presented at numerous conferences, provided keynotes for a wide variety of audiences, and has led many webinars. He was the author of “DREAM INTERNSHIPS & DREAM JOBS: LEVELING THE PLAYING FIELD” published by NASPA. O’Keefe is an extremely engaging speaker whose enthusiasm transfer to his audiences when he talks about former student successes and his proven formulas for career success.

O’Keefe earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication, with a minor in Sports Management at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he created a proactive strategy to land internships with the San Francisco 49ers, Oakland A’s, and San Francisco Giants...without knowing anyone at the companies.

After college Sean worked in business development for the Oakland A’s for 7 years and then was the Vice President of Business Development for a regional tech company for 7 years. During this time, Mr. O’Keefe earned his MBA from Santa Clara University and shortly after began teaching as an adjunct.

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