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Case Study for 2016 VCS


Dr. Philias Fogg is a concerned college president. During the Fall 2015 semester, campuses across the country seemed in the throes of one forceful issue after another. Escalating racial tensions overtook the University of Missouri and Yale University. Transgender inclusion policies became front and center at many institutions of higher education. Religious intolerance became a high profile concern and even seeped into Presidential politics.

Fogg, who has led the mid-size Centrist College for eight years, is a highly respected leader, both within the school and among his presidential peers. One reason for his success has been his ability to address issues, involving a multitude of on and off-campus constituents, before they become untenable. Dr. Fogg realizes that even though his campus milieu has been a tranquil bastion within the swirling controversies overtaking some institutions he feels his senior staff could be more knowledgeable on the aforementioned issues as well as others.

In order to achieve this goal he has assigned the Director of Student Services to assemble a team within his department to create a professional development series for the senior staff. Your group is that team. In a preliminary discussion with the Director, the two decided the first topic to be addressed would be an engaging and informative PowerPoint (or PDF) presentation on how the college can be a more welcoming environment for transgender students. What is the school doing well? What can be done better? What should be a prescribed action plan?

When the Director assembled his team he said it would be up to the group to decide what should be emphasized. Due to time constraints the agreed upon length of the PPT or PDF file would be between 15-25 slides.


  • innovation of approach
  • use of literature both within and outside student affairs
  • organization of presentation
  • rationalization for chosen responses
  • practicality of approach
  • usefulness of the information presented
  • educational value to Student Affairs

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2016 WINNER:
Clemson University

Clemson University
Nilza Santana
Suzanne Jasmine
Bianca Lambert
Sarah Beth Potter

2016 Clemson
2015 Western Illinois
2014 Indiana State
2013 Western Michigan
2012 St. Cloud State
2011 Western Kentucky
2010 Ok.State/Western Ill
2009 NC State/Ok.State
2008 Baylor
2007 Florida State
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2005 Florida Int'l
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