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11/4: Coaching Questions for Academic Advising

11/5: Boosting Athletic Attendance (without resorting to bribes)

11/6: Building a culture of pride and tradition at a two-year college

11/12: Under the Mask of Tradition: Using Legal Precedent to Combat Hazing Culture

11/18: Implementing a "Veterans Friendly" Campus Climate

11/20: Expanding Supervisory Influence: Propelling One's Staff Through Coaching

12/4: Motivational Interviewing: A model for behavioral change

Don't forget to check out our large archive of REPLAYS that cover a number of topics including...

 • Alcohol Education
 • LGBT issues
 • Substance use
 • Binge drinking
 • Multiracial issues
 • Success roadmaps
 • Title IX
 • Autism/Aspergers
 • Developmental theory
 • School spirit
 • Time management
 • Student retention
 • Budgeting
 • Motivating millennials
 • Commuter students
 • Inclusion activities
 • Data collection

Journal of Technology
in Student Affairs

Kevin Valliere looks at the history of technology use in student affairs and advocates for technology education in our preparation programs in A Guide for Integrating Technology in Student Affairs Masterís Programs.

In Social Justice and Software, Will Barratt and Brian Zuel discuss how the selection of software and operating systems for campuses has implications for social justice.

Adam Peck writes about studentsí use of reflective judgment and critical thinking in Overcoming the Digital Dilemma: Developing and Measuring Critical Thinking Gained through Cocurricular Eperiences in a Time of Information Overload.

In Serving Distance Education Students through a Community Website, Peggy C. Holzweiss looks at how students in an on-line masterís program use a website set up for their community.

Student Affairs' Summer Video Blog

Craig Bidiman, a graduate student at UMass Amherst in their Higher Education Administration program, and our social media coordinator, is spending his summer working at Towson University for his NACA internship.

Each week Craig will be uploading a video blog about his adventures in Baltimore. Join him in his slightly off-kilter way of examining campus life as he journeys south to start his summer exploits.

Episode 10 - August 29, 2014
Craig's Summer as an Intern
Craig pays homage to Baltimore. Enjoy the sights of the city that stole Craig's heart!

Episode 9 - August 17, 2014
Craig's Summer as an Intern
Episode 9 chronicles a day trip that students and faculty took to Six Flags.

Episode 8 - August 2, 2014
Craig's Summer as an Intern
The Exit Interview.

For Craig's earlier adventures during his summer NACA internship at Towson University, Click Here.

SAHE Book Review

The SAHE Book Review is an online journal that publishes reviews of recently published books in the field of Higher Education, including, more specifically, Student Affairs. We also include reviews of classic texts in the field of Student Affairs and Higher Education, thematic book review essays that examine several books on a single topic, and recommendations for books from outside the field of higher education that could have an impact on student affairs practice. Find out more!


The Student Affairs Forum (SA Forum) presents what is new in student affairs, from discussions with authors of recently published books, to issues affecting our profession to interesting people that make student affairs a unique and vibrant field.

Episode 33 - uploaded September 24, 2014
Interview with Charles Hueber about the benefits of a summer Transition Camp/Extended Orientation Program for Freshman students. Read more...