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10/13. Conduct and Students on the Autism Spectrum

10/14. Building Career Competencies into Student Leadership Programs

10/15. Supervising Student Employees and Student Volunteers Effectively

10/20. Navigating the Student Side of Title IX at a Small School

10/21. Tools for Supervision II: Supervising Early-Career Professionals

10/22. Manage the Media: A Guide for Student Affairs Staff

10/27. Sexual Misconduct and Title IX Investigations: An Introduction

10/28. Working with Veterans in the Classroom and on Campus

10/28. Risk vs Reward: Alcohol, Intimacy & Greek Letter Organizations

10/29. Introduction to Using Developmental Theory

11/3. Title IX Investigations: Interviewing Hints, Tips and Techniques

11/4. Adapting School Pride for the Preferences of a New Generation

11/9. Unpacking Sexual Consent: Engaging Legal, Policy and Identity Complications

11/11. Exploring the Needs of LGBTQ Students: Concepts and Considerations

11/18. Motivational Interviewing: A model for behavioral change

11/19. Restorative Approach to Diversity and Inclusion

12/1. Inviting and Inspiring Men to Learn

12/2. Title IX and Social Media

12/3. Collegiate Homeless, the Hidden Population

12/8. Forecasting Our Future: Student Connections via Social Media

1/26. Overcoming Ageism & Sexism in Student Affairs

2015 Virtual Case Study Competition


Results are in for our 14th Annual VCS for Masters level students in student personnel administration, counseling or higher education administration graduate programs. Team members from the top finishers won cash prizes.

This year we received 29 team submissions from 20 separate schools. Read more...

1st PLACE: Western Illinois University
Emily Simon, Michelle Hutchison, Christi Reed

2nd PLACE: Shepherd University
Hathiya Chea, Ashley Dorsey, Timothy Maggio

3rd PLACE: Western Carolina University
Andrew Johnson, Ronni Williams, Cassandra Spencer, Joshua Cauble Graduate Blogs has chosen its two graduate student bloggers to write our weekly blog for the 2015 Student Affairs Job Hunt. Follow their nerve-racking, enlightening, eye-opening experiences as they search for that first-time position in student affairs administration.

True Life | Iím on the #SASearch #17
At the moment, Iíve applied to 22 jobs. Iíve interviewed for 6 of them, got denied from 6 of them (ironically), have withdrew my application from 2 of them and I am waiting to hear back from the rest of them. Read more...

Journal of Technology
in Student Affairs

Kristin Muller is our award winner for the best student paper competition this year. In Electronic Portfolios in Student Affairs, she suggests that the use of electronic portfolios guided by self-regulated learning theory can be used to enhance student learning in the co-curriculum.

Eric Snyder and Kristina M. Navarro study the impact of the use of social media on academic and co-curricular engagement of student-athletes in Social Media, Academics, and Co-Curricular Activities: A Qualitative Examination of the Impact of Social Media on Division I Student-Athlete Engagement.

In Connecting a Global Student Community Using Social Media, Nick Jensen and Caroline Osse look at how a division of student affairs uses social media to engage and interact with students in their space and on their time.