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5/14: Substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders among college students

5/15: A Comprehensive Four-Tiered Leadership Model: Theory to Practice

Journal of Technology
in Student Affairs

Our Spring 2014 edition of The Journal of Technology in Student Affairs covers the 13th Annual Virtual Case Study Competition for Masters level students in student personnel administration, counseling or higher education administration graduate programs.

This year's case study dealt with a task force on sexual violence. We received 56 team submissions from 40 separate schools. Whitney Wesley, Jenny Roxas, Alyssa Bennett, and Alexander Barko from Indiana State University won top honors.

The team from from Indiana University placed second while the University of Arizona earned third place. Read more in the Spring 2014 Edition

SAHE Book Review

The SAHE Book Review is an online journal that publishes reviews of recently published books in the field of Higher Education, including, more specifically, Student Affairs. We also include reviews of classic texts in the field of Student Affairs and Higher Education, thematic book review essays that examine several books on a single topic, and recommendations for books from outside the field of higher education that could have an impact on student affairs practice. Find out more!

Student Affairs's Blogs

This is the 9th year has asked two graduate students, going through their first job search process, to share their thoughts and feelings and chronicle their ups and downs as they pursue their initial student affairs position.

Sunday, April 13, 2014
The Beeline Broadcast, #14 : Professional Organizations: My Wallet Isn't Fat Enough
I'm a little hesitant to say this, but here goes: I will not be attending any professional conferences this semester. I simply couldn't justify paying to attend a national conference (and additionally lose money by missing work hours). Girl's got bills to pay.


The Student Affairs Forum (SA Forum) is back on the air, once again presenting what is new in student affairs, from discussions with authors of recently published books, to issues affecting our profession to interesting people that make student affairs a unique and vibrant field.

Episode 22 - uploaded April 14, 2014
Discussion with Dr. Adam Peck, Vice President and Dean of Students at Stephen F. Austin State University, on cultivating school spirit. Read more...